Christina Milian Leaves BET After Party With Lil Wayne


Christina Milian and Lil Wayne leave party together

New couple alert?

Maybe...maybe not.

It's no secret that Christina Milian is back on the market after breaking off her engagement to Jas Prince, but has she moved on already? Last night, tongues were wagging and rumors were flying after she was spotted leaving a BET Awards after party with Lil Wayne in the wee hours of the morning.

This could all be very innocent since Christina is (or was) signed to Young Money at one point of time. If they are indeed dating, it would be an awkward situation considering Jas Prince has been credited for introducing Drake to Wayne, so there is some history there. There are also rumors that Wayne may have taken a few jabs at Jas Prince on a track called "Tina Turn Up needs a Tune Up," that emerged online last month.

According to Lil Wayne HQ:

The song is riddled with subliminals such as...

"I'll take your Tina" (Short for Christina)

"She needs a king

f-ck a prince" (she's dating Jas Prince)

"You're a queen not a princess, you're a queen lets have princess"

Maybe Chris was just catching a ride home after a long night but if those lyrics were meant for Jas, he won't be happy.

It'll be interesting to see how this all plays out.

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