Christina Milian and Lil Wayne Go Public At The 2014 ESPYS


Lil Wayne and Christina Milian at the ESPYS

**insert eyes emojis**

If you thought that Christina Milian and Lil Wayne had a strictly business relationship before, last night's ESPYS may have changed your mind.  The YMCMB boss man was spotted arriving to the awards show late, while holding hands with Christina Milian, who he signed to Young Money back in 2012.  And the two definitely got some on-screen camera time during the show!

Now, aside from wondering "How'd that happen?" this is where things get complicated and interesting:

Christina Milian just broke up with her fiancé Jas Prince.

Prior to the breakup, Lil Wayne released a track called "Tina Turn Up Needs A Tune Up" where he took subliminal jabs at Jas Prince. The lyrics included, "I’ll take your Tina” (Short for Christina), and "She needs a king, f-ck a prince” (in reference to Jas Prince).

Sources close to Jas Prince say he is very hurt by all of this, especially since he used to be cool with Wayne. He is credited with introducing Drake to Lil Wayne, and he also allegedly helped Christina Milian get her deal with Young Money.  Things started falling apart between Lil Wayne and Jas Prince after Jas filed a lawsuit against Young Money's management team for unpaid royalties he felt he was owed from Drake's deal.

It also seems as though Wayne has a thing for The-Dream's exes.  He famously dated singer Nivea, after her marriage to The-Dream, and years later, he seems to be courting Christina Milian who also married and had a child by The-Dream.

Lil Wayne and Christina Milian ESPYFYI: Christina Milian is currently filming a new reality show with her mom and sisters which will air on E! early next year.  When radio host Big Boy recently asked if Wayne was going to appear on her show, she giggled and said, "In the studio! That's where he will be."

We may just have to tune in when it airs to find out if anything comes of this love affair.

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