Chris Brown Is Apologizing Again

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Chris Brown and Daughter Royalty at the 2015 Billboard Music Awards

Chris Brown goes cray on Twitter

Chris Brown deletes tweets

Chris Brown apologizes and promises to do better.

Deja vu much?

At this point, rooting for Breezy is like holding on to a bad relationship.  One day things are looking up, the next day we are drowning our sorrows in sad love songs. It's so stressful.

Chris Brown's threatening tweet

After a crazy weekend of threatening model Tyson Beckford in Vegas after the model took a photo with his ex Karrueche, Chris saw the error of his ways yesterday and hopped on Twitter to apologize. His series of tweets included taking responsibility for 'always being in his feelings,' and an apology to Tyson Beckford's baby's mama, April Roomet, and their son, who he had also threatened to whoop.


I can be a man about it. I'm light skin! I'm always in my feelings! No drama! People are really starting to make th*s shit an issue. I can be a real one and say that I was wrong for even pressing an issue. I can be a man about it. I want to truly apologize to @aprilroomet & her son Jordan I was caught up in the moment & wasn't thinking right!

Though he didn't specifically apologize directly to Tyson, the model-turned-actor appreciated Chris' manning up and extended an olive branch to the troubled entertainer:

Hey this means the world to me,thank you. If you ever wanna talk off line lets do it. Never let others ruin a brotherhood.

It's great that Chris apologized and understood that he was wrong. However, how about a little foresight instead of hindsight next time? As one Twitter user puts it, we go through this wash-rinse-repeat cycle every single incident.

Chris Brown cycle

Each time Chris apologizes and screws up again, it diminishes the value of his apologies.  It's so disappointing for people who want to see him win!

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