Chris Brown And Tyga Are This Generation's Puffy & Mase In The New Video For 'Ayo'

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If you ever said you wanted to see Chris Brown hit the harlem shake like Diddy in '97, you just got it.

Chris and Tyga are on their Puffy and Ma$e in the new video for their collaborative effort "Ayo". Recreating a shot from the 90s duo's "Mo Money Mo Problems" video, Tyga and Breezy bring back vintage rap video luxury as they spend the entire clip trying to out-stunt one another. Whether it's floating in a pool full of Benjamins or purchasing an all-gold toilet so they can sh-t on the haters, these boys are very rich and don't care who knows it. (cue Jay Z and Jermaine Dupri's 'Money Ain't A Thang' video)

The song will appear on Fan of a Fan, their collaborative album.

Catch the video below:

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