Chlöe Bailey Addresses The Backlash She Received For Her Sex Scene On ‘Swarm’
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Chlöe Bailey Addresses The Backlash She Received For Her Sex Scene On ‘Swarm’

Chlöe Bailey is the epitome of unbothered after the actress addressed the massive backlash she received on social media for her infamous sex scene with co-star Damson Idris on Amazon Prime's Swarm.

In the hit limited series about how a fan's obsession with her favorite pop star drives her to kill, the 24-year-old played Marissa, Idris' love interest. Although Bailey's role in the show was brief, the "Have Mercy" vocalist seemed to get viewers all flustered when a scene from the first episode, which showcased her and Idris being intimate, went viral.

The reason behind the scrutiny stemmed from many people placing judgment on Bailey, who many tend to forget is a grown woman, for oversexualizing herself online by posting provocative photos and videos.

In a recent interview with Big Boy TV, Bailey opened up about the uproar surrounding the sex scene and how her male counterpart didn't receive any flack for it.

During the discussion, host Big Boy tried to understand all the commotion in Bailey's scene, which only showed a reflection of her nude body in the mirror, by saying he watched the show's clip at least three times to figure out what was wrong. The Grown-ish star shared that the only reason people were upset about that scene was not due to Swarm's plot but because it was her portraying the character.

"I'm an actress, you know, and I feel like it's about art. When I first received the script, I was just like (gasp). It was just insane and gorgeous. I think people are actually forgetting the plot of that scene,” Bailey said. “It's not about seeing me in the mirror of that scene, but because I think it's me doing it, that's what blows it out of proportion. But I'm barely seen for two seconds in that."

Chlöe Bailey comments on if Damson Idris received any backlash from 'Swarm' sex scene

As the conversation shifted to Idris, whose fully nude body was on display in the scene, and if he received any backlash, Bailey stated that because he is a man, no one passed any judgment.

"I don't think so. Because he's a man," she quipped. Although Idris has yet to comment on this, this revelation shows a double standard within the entertainment industry because, as Big Boy would point out, following Bailey's statement that the actor was being condemned for the same scene.

Later, Bailey would reiterate that she was simply doing her job despite what others may think or feel regarding the scene.

"But I'm an actress. I was doing my job, and I think people just have to kind of remember that I'm an adult and I'm an artist. Nothing was seen that they haven't seen from me."

(L-R) Damson Idris, Dominque Fishback, and Chlöe Bailey.

Photo by Arnold Turner

Bailey addresses how she felt reading the script and seeing the sex scene

Bailey further proved her point that many individuals that negatively commented on the clip seemed to overlook the show's premise as she described her feelings toward initially reading the script and acknowledging that she had to participate in a sex scene.

While praising Idris and Dominique Fishback's performances in Swarm, Bailey said, "Well, because I'm an actress, I'm not reading it as Chlöe is going to a sex scene. I'm reading it as Marissa is in a scene, and her sister is watching."

"That's what people are forgetting. It's about the tension between Damson and Dom [Fishback], who did incredible acting in this show, and I was just seen in the reflection for two seconds," she added.

Big Boy would agree with Bailey's remarks and replied that the only people who would find fault with that scene were those who didn't watch the entire series and only saw the circulating clip.

This isn't the first time Bailey has discussed Swarm's sex scene. Earlier this month, during an interview with Deadline at South by South West (SXSW), she expressed that despite her persona on social media as a sexually liberated woman, she isn't that experienced and has only had a few partners.

Bailey went on to say that her co-star Idris helped her get comfortable with the sex scene by cracking jokes in between takes and having limited people on set.

Chlöe Bailey Speaks on Viral Swarm Scene, New Album, Donald Glover, Tour, and Sister | Interview

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