8 Women Share Unbelievable Stories of Ways Men Ruined a First Date

Check please! We speak to 8 women about how guys ruined a first date, and thus a second date for them. Here's what they said.


When it comes to dating, I quote the very wise Forest Gump, “You never know what you're going to get."

You could get that really good piece of chocolate-filled with delicious cherries or nougat; or you could end up with that chocolate-covered jelly piece that you usually bite, chew, then spit out. It just doesn't seem to belong. The first date is crucial because this is when you get to learn a little more about the person face-to-face. You also get to see if you can tolerate their quirks.

Many find love at first sight, while others look for the exit before the appetizers reach the table. We spoke with women who experienced the latter and not only ran for the door, but also changed their numbers and blocked these bad guys from social media.

From men talking about sex on the first date to reaching over and eating from their plate, read how these eight women had dates from hell and survived:

Mr. No Boundaries

“In the midst of trying to get over my ex-boyfriend, one of my close girlfriends insisted I go on a blind date with one of her friends. We chatted and text for a few weeks to feel each other out. The conversation seemed to flow so, when he insisted we meet up one day, I was really looking forward to it. We eventually made plans to meet up at a restaurant in the city. Once our food arrived, that's when things got rocky. Trying to make conversation, I asked if he was enjoying his meal.

After confirming that his BBQ chicken was great, he placed his fingers in my French fry basket, as he simultaneously asked if he could have some fries. I was disgusted. As a fellow thickums, he should have known my food was off limits, especially my French fries. That was our one and only date. #NeverAgain."

- Taisje C., @TaisjeC

Mr. Opportunistic

“I met this handsome guy at a friend's housewarming party. He was everything a woman could ever ask for: tall, dark, and handsome. He smelled like the latest Gucci scent and pulled up in a Range Rover that still had dealer plates on it. All of the single women were whispering to their friends about how cute he was and which one was going to talk to him first. I definitely kept my composure and didn't want anyone, including my friends to know I was checking him out. He asked me what my name was and we had a really good conversation, we exchanged numbers and planned a date at one of my favorite restaurants in Hollywood. We did the typical date thing, asked a million questions, and one of them was, 'What do you do?'

I told him I was an entertainment publicist and the look in his eyes got big. I asked him what he did for a living and he told me he was a rapper. *Rolls eyes* He told me that he had to run to his car to grab his wallet. When he sat back down at the table, he handed me his latest mixtape. I sat there in awe for about 20 seconds. I got up and walked out of the restaurant and never looked back.

You're probably thinking I was rude for walking out on a date, but it's rude to shove a mixtape in someone's face while on a date."

- Nadia W.

Mr. Noncommital

“One of my worst date experiences was with an African man that I met while visiting in Abu Dhabi. We met on Tinder and had great convos and chemistry on the app for a couple months before actually deciding to meet once I visited from Oman.

First, he was not quite what I was expecting from his pics. He seemed to look shorter in person. I let that go to the side because I thought his personality was great from our chats/text exchanges. The nail in the coffin for the date for me was when we discussed our future expectations and he stated, 'I don't believe a man can be faithful or with only one woman. My dad has 3 wives.'

Yeah, it was downhill from there."

- Nicole B., @iluv2globetrot

Mr. Sexist

“I've had a few interesting first dates, but one of my most memorable was one where the guy told me he would never want to date or marry a woman who makes more money than him. To quote him, 'Women who make more start to think they wear the pants in the relationship.' **SCOOBY DOO BARK**

I told him I prefer to cash my big girl checks in leggings, but that was a MAJOR turnoff.

He had also failed to mention in our previous convos that he was a father AND on court-mandated child support 'till I made a random joke about appreciating a man who pays all of his responsibilities. I mean, you'd think he appreciate a woman who could help out on the bills right? Weird man. Weird date. Great turkey meatloaf."

- Brit B., @britlikeswit


Mr. Case of the Ex

“I've had a guy talk about his ex-girlfriend on a first date. He showed me photos of her and kept referencing his memories with her throughout our entire conversation. Needless to say, he wasn't over her and we didn't work out!"

- Amanda T.

Mr. Me You And Your Mama And Cousin Too

“I had been talking to a boy via text for a couple of weeks and finally decided that I would give him a chance. He suggested brunch and who can turn down a free brunch, especially when there are mimosas?

He picks me up on the day of brunch and, about two minutes away from the restaurant, I was informed that we were meeting some people there: his mother, father, aunt, uncle, AND older brother. Oh, and not only were we meeting them there, but they had been waiting for us for over 30 minutes. I was furious and expressed my feelings to him. Being polite, I suffered and smiled through brunch. Needless to say, we did not go out again."

- Hannah

Mr. Stage 5 Clinger

“I went on a date with a great guy, but I immediately lost interest when he talked about how pretty our babies would be. From there, I couldn't stop thinking about how aggressive and creepy that was. He also went on to say that he wanted to travel with me and that he could tell I would be a good mother. I was done after the first date."

- Jullieanne C.

Mr. Inconsiderate

“The worst date ever was a coffee date with a man I met online. First, he scheduled the time, then called me earlier in the day to change it to be a little bit earlier, which was actually better for me, and it would give us a little more time together. But, not only did he show up a half hour late (which was actually the original time we were supposed to meet), he texted me a few minutes before he got there and said, 'Can you see me? I can see you.'

I thought he was there, so I was looking around the coffee shop, getting creeped out, and so I started to leave. At that point, he was at the door nearly 40 minutes late and still wanted to wait in line to get a coffee… not offering to buy me one.

So, I waited another five minutes while he was in line. We talked for six minutes and I was out. Not only did he never apologize for being late, being a jerk, or being creepy, he later texted me asking if we could meet up later for sex. What part of 'You're an a**hole' did he not understand?"

- Leslie R.

Mr. Ain't Sh*t

“I had a date with someone who I thought was a great guy whom I met through an online dating website. On our first date, the server asked if we wanted a cocktail. I ordered a martini and he ordered a 7-Up. Thinking that perhaps he didn't drink, I didn't think any more of it until the server brought our drinks and left the table. This 'gentleman' looked around to make sure no one was looking, took a flask out of his jacket, and added alcohol to the drink. The look on my face must have been priceless because he immediately whispered, 'This is my way of protesting the high cost of drinks in restaurants.'

Later, when the server delivered the bill to him at the end of the evening, he slid it toward me and said, 'Give her the bill; she makes more than I do.' I thought he was joking, until I realized he was making no move to pay the bill. Nor did he offer to contribute (something that I always do). I paid the bill, bid him goodnight, and never spoke to him again."

- Carole F. @carolebfleet

Have you ever been on a bad first date? Tell us all about it! Leave your comments below.

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