22 Celestial Baby Names That Are Beyond Heavenly

Your little one will shine like the star they are.


As a new mom, choosing a baby name was something that I had so much fun doing, but took pretty seriously. Sure, there are dozens of names that sound cute and adorable when practiced with the phrase, "Come here *fill in the blank!*" But when I researched the definition of some, I wasn't necessarily a fan of labeling my then-unborn child with certain definitions. While many traditional names are making a comeback, celestial baby names serve as a subtle and notable reminder that your little one is a gift from above. They're angelic, simply beautiful, yet exude strength and dominion. But the best part is that their definition will salute your little one every time you call their name.

1. Luna

Luna is an Italian and Spanish name meaning "moon". It might sound familiar as it's also the name of John Legend and Chrissy Teigen's adorable daughter they welcomed in 2016.

2. Atlas

The name Atlas is going places. It has Greek origins and its meaning is "to carry."

3. Skye

Meaning "love and beauty", the name Skye is simple yet makes a statement. It is also frequently spelled Sky and although she was born Justine Indira Skyers, singer Justine Skye is notable for rocking this namesake professionally.

4. Leo

Stemming from German and Latin origins, the name Leo means "lion", and can't help but manifest bravery and strength. Reality star Evelyn Lozada also chose the name for her son Carl Leo, who she and ex-MLB star Carl Crawford, welcomed in 2014.

5. Venus

The name Venus is defined as the "goddess of love". Many were first introduced to the name thanks to tennis star Venus Williams.

6. Armstrong

It's a pretty common last name, but Armstrong can also be a solid first name too.

7. Halle

Other Variations: Halley

The Halley comet is what makes this name a special one. It's the only one that the naked eye can see from Earth (and even then, it only shows its face every 74-79 years). Another common spelling is Halle, also the name of Oscar-winning actress Halle Berry and Chloe X Halle singer Halle Bailey.

8. Orion

Orion is a name from Greek mythology and is a rising star. Who wouldn't want to be associated with this one?

9. Dawn

Every day gives you a fresh start with the name Dawn, which means the "first appearance of light or daybreak". Dawn Richard of Danity Kane wears this name ever so well.

10. Phoenix

Named after a bird that is known for rising from the ashes, the baby name Phoenix isn't to be underestimated.

11. Nova

While the name Nova means "new", it's also a star that has a sudden burst of energy and exudes extraordinary brightness for a moment in time. Any baby girl with this name is bound to be a star.

12. Sirius

Sirius is the name of the brightest star in the sky, which eloquently explains itself.

13. Aisha

Meaning "moon goddess", Aisha is also the name of actress Aisha Tyler.

14. Draco

It's the name of a constellation and serves as the root name for Drake (not to be confused with rapper Drake, whose birth name is Aubrey Graham).

15. Diana

Diana is a Latin name meaning "divine", which we know embodies iconic singer Diana Ross.

16. Titan

The name itself means "defender", and the film Remember the Titans could have played a factor in its popularity. R&B singer Kelly Rowland also notably named her first child Titan, a name we're sure he'll live up to.

17. Chandra

The name Chandra is derived from the word Chan, which means "to shine". It's also the name of beloved Grey's Anatomy star Chandra Wilson.

18. Apollo

Greek mythology calls Apollo the god of the sun. NASA's Apollo initiative was also the first to place men on the moon. Talk about a history-maker.

19. Seren

Other variations: Serena

Meaning "star", the name Seren comes from Turkish origin and possibly served as the inspiration for tennis icon Serena Williams.

20. Samson

The Hebrew name means "like the sun", and is the name of Biblical character Samson, known for his supernatural strength.

21. Estelle

It's a traditional name in its own right and means "star". British singer Estelle also represents the name with class.

22. Cyrus

Persian for "the sun", Cyrus was a leader in the B.C. days who overthrew Babylon to create his own kingdom. We can get with that.

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