What It Means To Be A Carefree Black Girl

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The Carefree Black Girl movement is an ever-growing part of our culture.

Many women of color are adopting a way of life that embraces purpose, spirituality, and unapologetic self-love and self-acceptance. Women are fully accepting what it means to be themselves by any and all means and are no longer allowing themselves to be defined by society's limited understanding of what it means to be "black" and "woman."

As a free-spirited black woman, it's truly a blissful place to be.

To not have a care in the world seems like an unrealistic stance, but when it comes to being a carefree black girl, the phrase represents more of an internal sentiment. A black girl who has truly accepted the light and dark parts of her soul can be considered a carefree black girl. She does not subscribe to any one box of what it means to be an individual. She is herself in all ways always.

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Read on for a comprehensive breakdown of what being a carefree black girl means to me, as well as a list of some of social media's #carefreeblackgirl influencers.

Being A Free Spirit

To be a free spirit means to have fluidity within the essence of your soul. It represents not being controlled by the status quo or societal expectations and norms. Someone who is free dances to the beat of their own drum. A carefree black girl possesses the courage to freely think, separating herself from the crowd, and unplugging from groupthink mentality.

Black girls are expected to act a certain way, stereotypically loud, boisterous, "ghetto," confrontational, or having outlandish attitudes. But the truth is, we are not monolithic. A carefree black girl transcends the scripted personality that marginalizes her identity in a society where the black woman is the most disrespected person in the world.

Being carefree is a rejection of a demeaning portrayal of a black women. A carefree black woman is soft and hard. She is quiet when she heals and loud when she reclaims her divinity. She is outspoken when she fights for what she believes in and though she holds space for whomever she loves when they're in need, she never forsakes self-love and self-care.

Spirituality Linked To Expression

Spirituality doesn't automatically mean going to church every Sunday, or being a part of your Christian praise dance troupe. Though those things are a beautiful expression of religious solidarity, many carefree black girls find connection to spirituality by going within to find truth. Connecting with spirit guides, ascended masters, ancestors, indigenous deities, and/or the higher self is a big aspect of being carefree.

Once you are tapped into this kind of spirituality, you see the world through a new lens. Your entire lifestyle becomes connected to your inner world. Many carefree black women are attracted to things like crystals, meditation, and other modes of spiritual or holistic practices. It also affects your creativity. I personally know a lot of carefree black women who are profoundly abstract, artistic, intuitive, or poetic. Carefree black girls create joy from within.

Body Positivity

When you peel back the layers of everything that restricts a person from being themselves, you strip away the insecurities of the physical body itself. Someone who is carefree in their soul's essence is at peace in their own skin. There are many opinions and definitions for what being body positive is but, to me, it means loving your body regardless of how it may go against certain social expectations. It's about feeling whole in a world that critiques, fetishizes, and dictates what is deemed attractive or not. It's truly about embracing your inner confidence regardless of your outer shell.

Many carefree black women are not afraid to showcase the beauty of their outer bodies and embrace their flaws. The body is expressed as sacred and fluid. Sexuality is also something that is expressed as self-owning and empowering; eliminating any shame.

There is a saying that reads, "as within, so without," so a carefree black woman recognizes the necessity to nurture and respect their bodies as an extension of their inner selves.

Check out this list of inspiring Carefree Black Girls and #Carefreeblackgirl influencers who show love to carefree black girls of all shapes, shades, and sizes:

1. Valerie

Who are some of your favorite women that epitomize carefree black girl magic?

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