Bruno Mars Serenades 11-Year-Old Who Woke Up From A Coma Singing 'Just The Way You Are'

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Zumyah and Bruno Mars 2

We love those stories that touch the soul!

Meet Zumyah Thorpe!

Last year, the Ohio native's world was rocked when her pregnant mother and two young sisters were killed in a drunk driving accident. The horrific crash also left the 11-year-old with brain injuries so severe, doctors were doubtful that she would survive. However, not only did the little fighter survive, doctors say it was all because of Bruno Mars.

While Zumyah was in a coma and throughout her recovery, nurses at UH Rainbow Babies & Children's Hospital played Bruno's music every single night. And when Zumyah finally woke up, her first words were his "Just The Way You Are" lyrics.

"No one can really understand what we've gone through when you see a child that's in a coma and unable to walk, talk," recalled Zumyah's grandmother Ronda. "When she actually wakes up and is able to speak the first thing she does is sing

the one Bruno song which is 'I'm Amazing'(Just The Way You Are)."

When Zumyah's story got back to Bruno, he reached out and arranged a private meeting with her before his show last Saturday in Cleveland. He also brought her on stage where he serenaded her with "Just The Way You Are" AND gifted her with a hat, teddy bear, guitar and more!

They say 70 percent of patients who are in the same condition as Zumyah do not survive, and those who do are often left without the ability to walk, talk or eat on their own. This is just more proof that music helps change lives.

Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 10.29.09 AM

Zumyah and Bruno Mars

Watch it below:

And here's a follow-up story of Zumyah, still smiling, after Bruno's concert

Zumyah singing "I'm a superstar, I'm a superstar" was so cute!


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