Brittney Griner Breaks Down While Addressing Her Annulment and Glory's 'Surprise' Pregnancy Announcement

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Brittney Griner Opens Up to ESPN on Wife Glory Johnson's Pregnancy, Annulment and the Domestic Violence Fight 10 Brittney Griner Opens Up to ESPN on Wife Glory Johnson's Pregnancy, Annulment and the Domestic Violence Fight 5 Brittney Griner Opens Up to ESPN on Wife Glory Johnson's Pregnancy, Annulment and the Domestic Violence Fight 3Love hurts.

And the pain stings 10 times worse when the love is lost and played out in front of the world. Brittney Griner knows this all too well.

The WNBA star and her wife Glory Johnson has managed to go through more in a month than some couples will in an entire lifetime.

For those of you who have been struggling to keep up, back in April, Brittney was involved in a huge fight with her then-fiancee.  To the surprise of many, a week after the 6'8 Mercury player plead guilty to disorderly conduct, the couple were married in a private ceremony in Arizona. Weeks later, Glory announced she was pregnant, and a day after the pregnancy announcement, Brittney filed for an annulment.

The marriage only lasted 28 days.

To add to the confusion, Glory Johnson said in an interview released after the wedding that she was a straight woman, and Brittney even admitted that she knew she was taking her chances when she pursued Glory. This left the big question of whether Glory's pregnancy was the result of a fertility clinic, or an infidelity. Many are speculating the latter since Brittney was so quick to end the marriage even though she was very much in love (judging from her IG posts.)

This week, Griner  sat down with ESPN's Kate Fagan to discuss the split, and she broke down as she discussed being "surprised" by Glory's pregnancy announcement, and why she decided that it was best if they ended the marriage.

On Knowing Better than To Rush Into the Marriage

Prior to us getting married, I knew I shouldn't have done it, I knew I shouldn't have went through with it. And I talked to Glory about it but sometimes you feel pressured into things and I went along with it and I knew I shouldn't have. It was a huge mistake. I just know it was a mistake now. And that's why I filed for annulment.

With everything going on, counseling and classes, it just wasn't the right way to start off our marriage. It wasn't the right way to start off the unity like that. I wanted to take the time to get myself right and it shouldn't have [happened].

On Glory's Pregnancy Announcement (She Was Only a Few Weeks Along)

I was definitely surprised [at her announcement], it's very early. It's too early to post or say anything about it and I was surprised [Glory did].

On Glory Agreeing to the Marriage Annulment Before Brittney Went Through With It

We both agreed to it, this past Wednesday actually, to get an annulment. And it's in writing and via text message as well.

On Glory Saying She was the Victim in their fight in a recent interview

The night of the arrest, everybody has seen the reports, I believe. And it was mutual. They called it mutual combat. And that's what it is. And honestly, I can't say anything else too much more about it, I'm in my classes and my groups right now, and until I finish and complete everything I have to do, I can't say anything much more about it.

On What She Wishes She'd Done Differently the Evening of the Altercation

Walk away. No matter what, just walk away. No matter what it is, walk away from the altercation. If you see it getting heated, you see it escalating, just walk away. No matter what is said, or done. It never ends good. Domestic violence is never ok, no matter what the situation is. No matter what it is, it is never the answer. It's never right.

Staying there was my worst decision. I should've left.

On What's Next for Brittney

Kate: How would you describe these past 10 months?

Brittney: Emotional (breaks down crying)

Kate: What's next?

Brittney: Just submerge myself in basketball.. [smiles] just submerge myself in basketball. Practicing, getting the team better, getting myself better and just counting these next six games until I get back on the court.

That's tough, but at least Brittney is still young enough to figure things out and give love another shot at a later time. Not to mention, the Phoenix Mercury star has already made plans to re-shift her focus on herself and her career- a great distraction for someone in her position!

Meanwhile, Glory may not have it as easy to just focus on herself or her work. As a pregnant WNBA player, not only has a Tusla Shock rep confirmed that the star forward is out for the season because of the pregnancy, Glory may just end up being a single mom. Brittney has yet to address whether or not she plans to be in the child's life, and already confirmed she has no biological ties to the baby.

Hoping things work out for both ladies!

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