"I'm 35 And Time Is Ticking": Brandy Gets Advice On How To Make A Relationship Work

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We were so excited to see our girl Brandy all happy and in love last year after she got engaged to her boyfriend Ryan Press. Unfortunately, things went downhill for the couple and they parted ways before the Christmas holiday. Still, Brandy has not given up on love just yet.

The singer was recently a guest on a brand new talk show called The Daily Help Line where hosts Spirit and Miles offer up some straight-to-the-point advice to their guests, and Brandy couldn't help but ask for some advice of her own.

She asked:

I have a deep question for you guys. I’ve been in relationships before. I’ve been the heartbreaker, I have had my heart broken to pieces. But I just want to know the secret of making it work, 'cause time is ticking. I’m 35 and I’m trying to one day get to the next level. The next level! You know? Like marriage maybe? Help me, y'all looking at me like y'all don’t know what I’m talking about. Help me help me.

The co-host Spirit had a pretty good response to her question:

If there was something that we could bottle, honestly, everybody wants to know the secret. And this is the hard part. You're not really going to like the answer because I think communication every day is the key. And I honestly think that most people are not willing to do what it takes to make a marriage work, much less a relationship. Most of us, we have to ask the question: Why should I share my passwords with my partner? Why do I have to tell them where I am?

[...] I really think with all sincerity, I really think that relationships are hard, and people don’t want to work hard. You have to tell your partner, 'If we’re going to do this, I mean literally do this, it needs to be ’til death do us part, not ’til divorce do us part.' So if divorce is never an option, and your personal happiness always has to be an option, then what you’ll say is ‘Hey listen, we have a problem and I refuse to be unhappy so we need to figure this out. We need to get to resolution. When you take it off the table, then you have the opportunity for resolution, you have the opportunity to forgive, and you have the opportunity for forever. Forgive. You can’t hold on to stuff.”

Brandy's response was, "Why weren’t you around two years ago in my life? [laughs]"

Communication and not running when the going gets tough. It sounds so simple, yet it's so hard for couples in this day and age.

Watch Brandy's appearance on The Daily Help Line below:

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