Brandy Dishes On Failed Engagement + Implies She Pawned The Ring On Wendy Williams

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Single and not ready to mingle is how Brandy Norwood is living these days!

It's been a year since Brandy and ex-fiancé Ryan Press called off their engagement, but that hasn't stopped her hustle. She's starring as Roxie on Broadway in Chicago and has a new BET sitcom lined up all while holding down her duties as a single mom, however, when she caught up with Wendy Williams she made it clear that dating just isn't on her check list right now.

You already know Wendy tried to do a little digging as to why Brandy and Ryan decided not to jump the broom, and it looks like the former couple just wanted different things in life. And when Wendy dropped the real question that a few curious folks wanted to know, asking "Girl, did you keep the ring?" Brandy had a somewhat hilarious and interesting reaction:

Peep the highlights:

On if She's Single

I can't be messing around with the "mens" I have to stay focused darling! I have to stay focused. I have to keep my mind on what I'm doing. I have a dream.

On Why She and Her Ex Called Off the Engagement

It wasn't a good time and it was not a good time for [my daughter]. We were a family and when something like that happens you just don't feel good.

It's not what I did. It's what we both did. We just grew in different directions. But we're still friends and we still have a lot of love for each other. There are no hard feelings.

On giving back the ring

Wendy: Brandy did you return the ring?

Brandy: Let's move on to Roxie!

Wendy: You're not the girl who keeps the ring are you?

Brandy: Hmmm...

Wendy: Brandy! Norwood!

Brandy: I don't have the ring.

Audience member: She pawned it!

Brandy:  (snaps fingers!)

By the way, With Brandy currently performing eight shows a week on Broadway, and juggling mommy duties, it probably is best that she stays focused on her career goals at the moment. Relationships are hard and some people aren't honest with themselves when it comes to how much time they have to devote to their relationships to maintain them and make them work. In due time, she will find the right balance to be able to have a career and special person in her life.

Check out Brandy on the purple couch below:

Bonus: Watch Brandy perform "Roxie," a number from her Broadway show below:

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