Bow Wow Shares Cute Photos Of His Daughter Shai

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Bow Wow and his daughter, Shai

Remember how shocked the world was to find out that Lil Bow Wow was a father?

It's now two years later, and after some hiccups with his child's mother, it looks as though Bow has embraced fatherhood in a major way. Earlier this week, he posted a pic of him with his baby girl along with the sweet message:

You will have the world and more. Your my ace your my lil Patna in crime. You are me. You have something i always wanted. A mom and dad to be there, unlike some kids your parents are young and fly wit it though haha.. Love you im your biggest fan! Love Daddy ps.. Im riding in the car just missing my daughter. #realdadsstandup

He also posted a pic of Shai puckering up to show off her lipstick and painted nails with the caption:

OMG what have i created.. Im blaming her momma @missjoie & my momma @teresabwmom hahaha

Bow Wow and his daughter, Shai 1

It's so good to see Bow is getting along with his child's mother and making it work for the sake of their kid.  On any given day, when he's not posting up random vixens, he posts photos of Miss Joie (his child's mother) while shouting her out with messages like:

Proud of ya! You doing ya thing and getting it the way you pose to be. My daughters mother is a beast in the gym! Ladies follow her and get inspired! @missjoie#wehustlingdifferent

Earlier this year on the OWN's Oprah: Where Are They Now? series, Bow Wow also talked about fatherhood and what it's been like working so far away from Shai.

Shai lives in Los Angeles and I’m in New York full-time. It’s so hard. I Skype with her, and I just wish I could reach in there and grab her little self and I can’t. I missed her first step ’cause I was in Australia on tour. I missed her first word. So for the times that I’m with her, I always try my best to just take full advantage of it.

I just want to make sure [my daughter is] able to do the things that I wasn’t able to do. I wasn’t able to go to school dances. I wasn’t able to try out for my basketball team because I was on the road…Now that I have a little me here it just pushes the envelope a little bit more. It just makes me want to continue to strive to be the best at what I do and just go harder.

Love the evolution!

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