Our Favorite Style Influencers Share Their Fave Luxury Bags

Black women deserve luxury, period.


Since 2000, Black buying power has increased a whopping 114 percent. According to Business of Fashion, we brandish $1.3 trillion in annual spending power. It's also no secret that Black women move culture like no other, making us one of the largest assets to the U.S. economy. However, for some odd but obvious reason, society tends to question Black women when they level up and revel in luxury.

Unconscious bias creeps in as we scroll through social media and it automatically fills in the blanks as we question why influencers have luxury items. No one gets it worse than Black women. Black girls and women deserve better. And now more than ever, Black women are taking up all the space luxuriously. Despite all that we face, we still showcase our magic for the world to see because being a Black woman is pure power.

A wise woman once said, "Behind every successful woman is a fabulous handbag!" Ahead, find some of our favorite style heavy-hitters sharing their favorite luxury bag, how it makes them feel, and why Black women deserve luxury.

Beverly Beal, @lifeinbeverlyheels

Photo Courtesy of Beverly Beal

Title: Attorney/Entrepreneur

Location: Atlanta, GA

Beverly's Favorite Luxury Bag: Hermès Birkin

"My mother purchased it for my 31st birthday. I'll never forget how proud she was of me. I feel unstoppable when I wear it. It fuels my day doesn't matter what I'm doing. I'm grateful for what I've accomplished and fearless of pursuing future accomplishments. Black women make the world go round, luxury is the least of what we deserve."

Monica O. Awe-Etuk, @awedbymoni

Photo Courtesy of Monica O. Awe-Etuk

Title: Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger/Content Creator

Location: Atlanta, GA

Monica's Favorite Luxury Bag: Bvlgari X Mary Katrantzou Top-handle bag

"Before I purchase a bag, I have to be moved by it. This particular bag did just that. It puts a smile on my face every time as the color is vibrant and bright. I also love the versatility of the bag and the fact that I can wear it as a top handle or a crossbody with its serpentine top handle and gold link long strap."

Claire Sulmers, @clairesulmers

Photo Courtesy of Claire Sulmers

Title: CEO and Founder of Fashion Bomb Daily

Location: Brooklyn, NY

Claire's Favorite Luxury Bag: Black Hermes Birkin Bag 35 with rose gold hardware

"I purchased my bag to commemorate a milestone in my life and a turning point in my career. It's classic, fabulous, and serves as a reminder that anything is possible with faith and hard work. Luxury items are visible symbols of success--they're a cue to the world that you're accomplished and also have good taste.

"Luxury makes me feel confident, sophisticated, and successful. Every woman and every bBack woman deserves to feel that way."

Derria Underwood, @dlolo

Photo Courtesy of Derria Underwood

Title: Stylist and Content Creator

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Derria's Favorite Luxury Bag: Louis Vuitton Palm Springs Mini

"It's tiny but packs a lot of punch. I can fit just about everything in it. It is also easy to travel with and perfect with every fit. Black women deserve luxury because it's our birthright. Generations before us struggled. All the hard work and perseverance is literally just a fraction of why we deserve luxury."

Chinyere Adogu, @the_real_chi

Photo Courtesy of Chinyere Adogu

Title: Content Creator/Style Influencer

Location: New York, NY

Chi's Favorite Luxury Bag: Pink YSL Sac De Jour handbag

"It is one of my favorite handbags. Pink is my favorite color and I love the size and shape of the bag. It's classy, chic, and perfect for traveling. It gives all my outfits a polished finished look. This bag was one of my first luxury bag purchases of color and it's a beautiful reminder of my achievements and how far I've come in my career and in my choice of style. I believe Black women deserve luxury because for a long time luxury and Black women were rarely in the same sentence. Society has told the Black woman to be OK with the bare minimum and I'm happy to see more and more Black women embracing luxury, embodying luxury and inspiring luxury!"

Jenee Naylor, @Highlowluxxe

Photo Courtesy of Jenee Naylor

Title: Content Creator (Blogger, YouTuber, Influencer)

Location: Virginia Beach, VA

Jenee's Favorite Luxury Bag: Chanel 19 Large

"It has recently become a classic for Chanel and it's the perfect mix of edgy and elegant which really speaks to my personal style. It's a no-fuss bag, easy to carry and maintain but still feels really unique. I prefer the non-leather options, I think they show less wear and tear and feel a little more special. Accessories are truly the icing on the cake for me, so when I'm choosing a bag to complete an outfit I truly enjoy it. It's the styling and creativity that bring me joy and handbags allow me to flex my creative muscle and bring my ideas to life!"

"I think it's important for Black women to know that they can have whatever their hearts desire, I never imagined I would be where I am currently in life but seeing other women achieve a certain level of success and enjoy the fruits of their labor showed me what was possible and that it was OK to want nice things. Black women have been put in a box for so long that when we try to enjoy nice things we are questioned and second-guessed on whether we can afford it if we deserve it, or who bought it. We deserve luxury and a whole lot more and I will keep sharing my journey for the women who need to know it's possible."

Lanatria Ellis, @caribbean_cowgirl

Photo Courtesy of Lanatria Ellis

Title: Influencer, creative director, stylist, entrepreneur

Location: North Carolina

Lanatria's Favorite Luxury Bag: Nichol Lynel NL Lunchbox

"Not only is it fabulous, feminine, but also Black-owned.The attention to detail and quality is amazing! My NL Bag brings me joys because it's so structured, yet detailed, luxe and so ladylike…it's me if I were a purse. Black women deserve luxury because society has made us feel for years we don't deserve and we do the most! We deserve to be pampered, to be considered, celebrated, and wrapped in all the expensive fabrics. I'm just making my ancestors proud with my luxe lifestyle!"

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Featured image courtesy of Lanatria Ellis

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