10 Beauties Show Us Why We Should Go Blonde


If anyone's ever told you Black girls can't wear blonde hair, tell them to square up.

(Okay, just kidding, but like seriously, tell them to get a clue).

Nowadays, more babes are sporting shades of blonde, whether it's platinum white or the most honeyiest shades of ombré. And seriously, any and every Black girl can pull blonde off. Trust me.

As someone whose been blonde for at least eight years, I can assure you that nothing gives you that extra boost of confidence than having a hair color that brings out the warmth and beauty in that melanin! Now, make no mistake—blonde hair requires a lot of maintenance, patience, and love. I personally deep condition monthly with extra protein treatments in the fall and winter months. Oh, and try to stay away from constant coloring (less than two months) or bleach, though that's another lesson for another day.

On YouTube, you see even some of today's most thriving beauty bloggers rocking blonde hair, showing and destigmatizing this idea that blonde hair looks "ghetto" on dark skin. So do you need a bit more inspiration before going for blonde? Want some photos to take to your next salon visit? Click through the gallery below for the 10 blonde beauties we just can't get enough of.

1. Sunita

Can we just bask in the beauty and thickness of her hair?!

Would you ever go blonde? Share with us your favorite hair color inspiration in the comments below.

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