Beyoncé To Perform "Once In A Lifetime Performance" At The VMAs [+ A Few Clips From On The Run LA]

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Beyonce's Mrs. Carter World Tour 6

Remember when you wanted to throw your TV out the window after realizing Beyoncé mailed in a live stream versus performing live at the BET Awards this year? Well the diva's making up for it in a major way later this month.

MTV just confirmed that Queen Bey will not only be attending its award show on August 24th, but she's also blessing fans with a "once in a lifetime" performance! And that's not where the good news ends either.

Beyoncé's already nominated for eight moonmen, including one for video of the year, however, one award she won't have to compete for is the music channel's lifetime achievement award. Bey will be presented with MTV's prestigious Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award for her impact on MTV culture and changing the game with her self-titled visual album. And she's in good company, too! Previous recipients of the honor include Janet Jackson (1990), LL Cool J (1997), Britney Spears (2011) and Justin Timberlake (2013).

Seeing as how Justin performed for 15 minutes before he was presented with his award last year, we think Bey's going to shut it down with a medley of all her past hits.  It's gonna be a mini concert!

And in case you haven't seen Bey perform on the "On The Run Tour" yet we have a few clips from her show in LA that might get you hype:

Catch that and the promo for her MTV Awards performance below:


Beyoncé backing that azz up to a Juvenile sample

Bey singing Lauryn Hill's "X-Factor"

"Resentment" (her eyes teared up while performing this)

"Resentment" (the motion she made when she said "I was here first" was my fav part of the show)

"Naughty Girl" Intro (may be too hot to view from a work computer)


Surfboardt. ("Crazy in Love")

And here's the MTV promo

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