Beyonce & Blue Ivy - Nails 3


Beyonce & Blue Ivy - Nails 1

Hair did. Nails did. Baby Blue is getting pampered like a princess!

The Carters don't have another "On The Run" concert until this Saturday in Philly, so during their brief holiday break, Beyoncé took to her website to share more pretty pics of herself with her little mini-me Blue Ivy.  During their time off, the mother/daughter duo spent quality time recently getting matching manis and pedis and hanging out in Brooklyn, where they visited the controversial "Sugar Baby" exhibit by artist Kara Walker.  They also wore matching dresses.  Too darn cute!

Meanwhile, ever since the public outcry over Blue Ivy's hair being done, it seems as though Bey has been putting in the effort to keep her baby girl's styled like the little doll that she is lately.

The pressures of being a celebrity mom in the public eye...

Catch the cute pics:

Beyonce, Blue Ivy & Jay-Z Beyonce, Blue Ivy & Jay-Z 1 Beyonce & Blue Ivy - Sleeping


Beyonce & Blue Ivy - Nails

Beyonce & Blue Ivy - Nails 2

If this doesn't make your ovaries explode, I don't know what will.


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