[Exclusive] Bethenny Frankel Talks Omarosa Feud, Her Forbes Cover & If Women Can Have It All

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It was a rumble in the jungle a couple of weeks ago when Real Housewives alum Bethenny Frankel went toe-to-toe with Omarosa on her talk show.  Prior to Omarosa visiting the show, the ladies were involved in a major beef after Bethenny shot down comparisons to Apprentice alumi Omarosa on The View,  and expressed that she was different because she has a "real career," a brand, a show, and two New York Times best-sellers under her belt.

Yesterday, we caught up with Bethenny backstage after her show, and she discussed various topics, including her falling out with Omarosa.   She dished to Bitchie correspondent Bianca Golden:

I did not think what I said about Omarosa would be such a major statement, but leave it to Omarosa to make it a big statement. That's what she does and you have to stay true to what you do. What Omarosa does is goes on shows, stirs it up, walks away and hopes that the flames lasts as long as they last because that's how she keeps going. And that's what she's doing. She's doing what she's doing and she's doing that well.

The way that I felt during the Omarosa interview was the way that I felt during one scene season two of the 'Housewives' where you're watching someone in front of you kind of implode. You're just letting them go. You're just sitting back, and someone has just thrown a flame on the gas and you're just watching the fire.

During Omarosa's visit to the show, she served the ultimate blow when she told Bethenny that she gets rewarded for being mediocre due to white privilege. When we asked Bethenny her thoughts on what Omarosa said, she responded:

I think every woman has to be extraordinary. We keep comparing ourselves to men and we [don't] get as much as men have and you know what? Women shouldn't be focused on what they're not getting or what other women are getting. Women should be focusing on themselves. Stay in their lane striving to be better. Don't worry about what everybody else has. Just worry about yourself. If you do the best you can and you're worried about what you're doing and not worried about what everyone else is doing, you can be successful.

During our brief sit-down, Bethenny also talked about who she thinks is the most successful "housewife" as well as how she transitioned from a reality show star to a talk show host, being one of the first reality stars to cover Forbes, and if she believes women can have it all.

On transitioning from reality show star to talk show host

I don't even know how I got here. I guess just hard work and passion and connection. Really just connecting to women. Did I set out for this to be the real goal? No. But I'm the person that's just always trying to be positive and be on the road and work hard and make your dreams come true. Don't let anyone tell you no and just [inspiring women], that's what got me here. Just saying yes. Just saying yes, anything can happen and just paying it forward.

On her Forbes cover

Being on the cover of Forbes felt like street cred. It honestly, it did. I never realized how much of a turning point that would be business wise. It felt strong. It felt important for women. It felt important to show people that you can have a little idea in your head and no money and make something out of nothing. It's a beautiful thing to create something from nothing, and I think everyone has that opportunity.

On who she thinks is the most successful star from the Housewives franchise

I would say Kandi Burruss might be the most successful current housewife. I'm not a housewife anymore. I don't like to talk about myself like that. Success is measured in many ways but if I'm watching the Real Housewives franchise right now, NeNe is successful [but] Kandi is definitely the most successful businesswoman.

On if she believes women can have it all

I don't know if we can have it all. If all includes sleep, exercise, motherhood, business, peace, something has to give. But I think that we can have successful families, relationships and careers. It's hard for me to get sleep, exercise, and be a great mother and do a talk show. I choose being a great mother first. I choose a talk show second, and I choose working out last.

And at the moment, sex last.

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