The Best Shaving Creams For "Down There" Hair Removal


I bought a waxing kit from Kroger for $10 earlier this year and I still have yet to use it.

Personally, I felt like I should leave it up to the professionals when I opened it and read that I would need to microwave the wax. While that could've gone really right or really wrong, I know for me and my coordination skills, it would've been really wrong. When it comes to hair removal, getting a professional wax regularly is ideal, but when you're on a budget, that's not necessarily an option.

By process of elimination, that leaves shaving, which due to its tendency to create ingrown hairs and razor bumps doesn't necessarily seem like the popular choice. But thankfully, I've come across a few shaving creams that have been major wins in calming irritation and assisting in a smooth finish. So if you're like me and think shaving is the best hair removal process, check out the amazing shaving creams below that ladies that shave down there swear by.

Lady Cremo Moisturizing Shaving Cream: $6


I can definitely attest to the power of this one. It was the first one I ventured into after trying the classic and typical grocery store brands like Skintimate and Pure Silk. Of course, there's absolutely nothing wrong with those brands, but after I tried the Cremo Moisturizing Shaving Cream (Lavender Bliss), I really couldn't turn back. My skin was not only smoother but much softer. And those razor bumps started going away slowly but surely. I found this bottle at a local grocery store, so you don't necessarily have to order it online. The best part is that it usually runs $5-$6, which isn't bad at all because a little goes a long way. If you decide to try it, keep in mind that it's water-based (just like a few others on this list), so you should run warm/hot water on your skin for roughly 30 seconds before using. Get ready for your skin to get its life!

Featured image by Mel Poole on Unsplash

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