The Best Sex Position For Your Zodiac Sign, According To Astrology
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The Best Sex Position For Your Zodiac Sign, According To Astrology

It's all about your experience of intimacy and how you express love.


When it comes to your zodiac sign and sex, there are different experiences that a sign is going to prefer. The best sex position for your zodiac sign comes down to your experience of intimacy and how you express your love language. There are many different ways in which a sign expresses itself in bed. An earth sign, for example, is going to prefer a sensual, grounded experience that heightens all their senses. A fire sign may prefer something more spontaneous and fiery.

Your zodiac sign, Venus sign, Mars sign, and the different elements of them, are all ways to dive deeper into understanding your sexual and romantic nature.

Aries: The Eagle

The best sex position for the fiery passion of Aries is the eagle sex position. With you being a free spirit, this energy comes out in bed and you want the sparks flying. This position is a position where you and a partner let it all out there and focus on the connection and pleasure at hand. Aries tends to be more dominant in bed and this dynamic plays out in which positions you are drawn to with a partner. The eagle is a sex position that is fun and quirky just like you, Aries.

Taurus: The Chairman

The best position for you, Taurus, is the chairman sex position. Being an earth sign ruled by Venus, you are highly attuned to your sensual nature, and enjoy the pleasures of intimacy. You love the touch, the physical closeness, and the bond that forms within these times. The chairman is a position where you are connected in a way that allows you to feel supported and pleased, something you look for within a partnership. It fulfills your romantic and grounded needs while also hitting all of the right spots.

Gemini: Magic Mountain

The best sex position for a Gemini is the magic mountain sex position. This position gives you a type of connection to your partner that you look for and also allows you to show off your flexible nature. This is a head-on, face-to-face position, and you aren’t one to shy away from being seen or understood deeper. There is a mutual stimulation that keeps your infinitely curious nature well fed here. The magic mountain is a ride that air sign Gemini flows well with.

Cancer: The 69

This one should be a no-brainer. Cancer, the best sex position for you is obvi, the 69 position as most people commonly mistake your beloved symbol as this enticing number. Besides the obvious, Cancers are givers, and this position allows you to do what you do best while also giving yourself something as well. A safe and comfortable environment is what you look for in bed, and when you get to give and enjoy with another as well, you are thriving.

Leo: The Pretzel Dip

Leos are ruled by the Sun and shine light wherever their attention goes, including the bedroom. The best position for a Leo is the pretzel dip. This position is basically what it sounds like. It’s two people intertwining in a way for maximum pleasure. A Leo loves to shine and this includes in the bedroom, and you try to show up and show out here. The pretzel dip is a position that fuels your fire sign passion and intimacy with another. This position allows you room to look your partner in the eyes, or if available, a mirror.

Virgo: The Reverse Cowgirl

Contrary to popular belief, Virgo's more reserved nature is typically thrown out of the window in the bedroom. When Virgo feels safe to be intimate with another, you see a whole new side of a Virgo, which is why the reverse cowgirl is the best position for Virgo. A Virgo is going to pull out their best in bed and this position lets them have fun while also sticking to business like the Virgo they are. Don’t be surprised if there is some hair pulling along with some immediate after-sex clean-up as Virgo doesn’t like a mess.

Libra: The Ballet Dancer

The ballet dancer position is the perfect position for you, Libra. Libra is a romantic soul and prefers to make love. This position allows you a sense of intimacy as well as lets you keep your steady ground with you both standing in this duo. Love for you is about a one-on-one connection, and you want to feel that partnership and balance while making love. Being a Venusian, your energy in the bed is that of romance and receptivity, and you want to make sure there is an equal pleasure.

Scorpio: Doggy-style

Scorpio, not that you need any advice in the sex department as your sign happens to be the ruler of the reproductive system, including you know where. Thus, the best sex position for a Scorpio is doggy-style. Hear me out. You are fully in-tune with your sexual nature, desire intimacy, and, behind the stinger, are quite a romantic. However, all your kinks come out during playtime and this is a position that brings different dynamics and pleasure for you. With Scorpio aligned with the 8th house, the house of giving and receiving, this is the perfect position for you.

Sagittarius: The Corkscrew

The best sex position for Sagittarius is the corkscrew. You like to spice things up in the bedroom and aren’t one to do the same thing with a partner all the time. This position heightens the senses and gives you the mystery and pleasure you thrive on. There is a strength, balance, and trust needed to do this position, and Sagittarius is capable. Being a fire sign, sex is all about passion, and you need a position that is going to feel like that for you.

Capricorn: Missionary

The best position for a Capricorn is the missionary sex position. Capricorns love to uphold traditions and often find themselves sticking to what works rather than finding the need to venture out so much. Not to mention, Capricorns often find themselves in long-term relationships and find pleasure in a certain routine they create with a partner. The missionary position is something a Capricorn always comes back to and what serves their responsible, reliable, and sensual nature. After all, Capricorn is an earth sign and is dedicated to experiencing the pleasures of this earthy life.

Aquarius: The Butterfly

The best position for you, Aquarius, is the butterfly. Aquarius is the perfect balance of connection and independence. You have a lot of drive in life but you also like to relax and aren’t looking for an extreme workout when you are being intimate with another. The butterfly position allows more relaxation and more focus on connection and pleasure, and this serves your easy-going, air sign nature. You want to have fun, switch things up, and do something different, as at the end of the day you are an Aquarius and are never status-quo.

Pisces: The Seashell

With your water sign energy, sex is a transcendent experience for you, Pisces. You uncover deeper parts of yourself while making love, and give your all here. The Seashell sex position is the best position for you as it’s a position that goes to the depths you are looking to go. Being a mutable sign, you also have flexibility with you that allows you to work your strength here. Depending on which side you are on here, this is a position that benefits your receptive and open nature.

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