The 10 Best Moments You Missed At The 2019 BET Awards

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Last night, the biggest party in Black entertainment went down and xoNecole has the detailed on everything you missed.

Hosted by Regina Hall, this year's BET Award show was the ultimate family reunion. With performers like Cardi B., Lizzo, Mary J. Blige, and guests like Taraji P. Henson and Rihanna sliding through looking like a whole snack, this is one cookout you wouldn't want to skip out on.

While Offset and Cardi killed the opening act with a risque lapdance, Lil Nas X brought out Billy Ray Cyrus to perform their new aged country classic (don't worry, the potato salad is fine), and Mary J. Blige threw us all the way back to the 99's and the 2000's with her Lifetime Achievement Award performance.

If you missed out on the action last night and are clueless as to why the show has been trending since last night, never fear sis. We saved you a plate. Here were some of the best moments from the BET Awards explained:

1. Cardi & Offset Lit The Stage On Fire

Cardi B and Offset were the first stars to bless the 2019 BET Awards stage, and if their performance was anything like what actually goes down in their bedroom, it's clear how baby Kulture made her way into this world and um; I'll take two, please.

Offset had the Internet in a frenzy when he slid through the scene with some big Omarion energy, serving up some high-quality choreography, and Cardi stole the stage with her performance of her latest single "Press". She also took home the award for Album of The Year for Invasion of Privacy.

2. Lizzo’s Rihanna-Approved Performance

If you need to know one thing about last night's award show, please be clear that Rihanna cheering on Lizzo during her impromptu flute performance was a whole mood for this week.

Last night, Lizzo had every woman in America feeling like 100% 'THAT B*TCH' when she stepped on stage and gave us a piece of cake we didn't know we needed. Following her Sister Act 2-inspired debut at the VMA Awards last week, Lizzo proclaimed her commitment to self-love when she performed her hit single 'Truth Hurts' and had the entire audience (Rihanna included) shook and their reactions didn't go unnoticed.

3. Rihanna Loves Mary J. Blige As Much As We Do

First off, I just want to know who told Queen Rih that she could slide through the BET Awards unannounced and snatch all of our edges like this? And as much as I love Rihanna, I loved Mary first, so to see the two of them together on stage last night, I was going through all kinds of emotions.

Rihanna was given the honor of presenting Queen Mary with the Lifetime Achievement award, and black girl magic erupted all over the stage. This was only one example of how this award show was a tribute to the love among black women in a lot of ways.

4. ...& Method Man Is Still Fine AF

One year before I was born, Mary J. Blige released "Real Love," a song that would forever permeate my memory and become the greatest #ThrowbackThursday track of all time. Now, after more than two decades in the music industry, Queen Mary finally got her flowers, and yes, she brought both the thigh-boots and her legendary dance moves out to celebrate this momentous occasion.

Last night, Mary was honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award and gave us a career-spanning performance that won't be easily forgotten. Performing all of our favorite tracks from over the years, the singer enlisted the help fellow legends, Lil' Kim and Diddy, and Method Man to give us a blast from the past and remind us all how Mary J. Blige became the true queen of R&B.

Oh, and Method Man is still fine AF. That's it. That's the whole paragraph.

5. Ella Mai Threw Some Serious Shade

Ella Mai brought umbrellas to the beach last night when she received the Viewers Choice Award for her smash hit "Trippin'" and threw some serious shade at fellow up-and-comer, Jacquees. I wasn't the only one who caught the subtle shade she served during her acceptance speech, and her petty walk off stage confirmed that Ella was here for the drama.

The history behind this vegan-style beef began earlier this year where most great moments naturally happen: on Black Twitter. A petty fiasco erupted between the two singers after Ella's team had his cover of her song removed from YouTube, triggering an Internet debate about copyright infringement and modern-day plagiarism. While the two claim that it's all love between them, they've been low key throwing shots at each other on social media for months.

While Ella may not have started it, she sent a message that she was here to finish sh*t in her salaciously shady acceptance speech, and boo. I'm here for it. Since then, Jacquees has personally congratulated Ella for her award so we're sure it's all gravy, but it's fun to be petty sometimes. Don't @ me.

6. The Marathon Continues...

Every year, BET pays homage to the fallen stars that we've lost over the 365 days, but in order to pay proper tribute to the late-king of Crenshaw, the network pulled out all the stops. For last night's event, BET brought out a Nipsey-blue carpet and invited Nipsey's surviving family members on stage to accept this year's Humanitarian Award in his honor.

Lauren London was accompanied on stage by Nipsey's Daughter, Emani, his son, Ermias, his stepson, Kross as well as his grandmother, his sister, and his parents, who thanked the audience for loving Nip as much as they did. And let's be clear. Nipsey's mama said what she said.

7. & So Do The Other Amazing Tributes

If there's any moment in the award show that is truly worthy of your tears, it was the star-studded Nipsey Hussle tribute near the end of the show. In a brilliant performance by Marshia Ambrosius, DJ Khaled, John Legend, and YG, Nipsey Hussle was given the celebration of life that dreams are made of. After a tribute clip featuring Snoop Dogg and Ava Duvernay, the artist performed "Real Big", "Last Time That I Checc'd", and "Higher" in a way that would have made Nipsey proud.

One of the most notable scenes from the performance was when Nipsey's daughter Emani was seen teary-eyed vibing out to her daddy's music, looking like the young Queen she was raised to be.

8. Marsai Martin Is A Meme (Again)

There is a new meme that has gone viral overnight and it features the star and creator of the feature film Little, who was literally all of us when she received her award for Young Star of the year. A similar image of Marsai Martin went viral once before, and the 14-year-old actress unintentionally recreated the meme last night after becoming the youngest person to ever win a BET Award. Her super humble acceptance speech is a reminder of why we fell in love with her in the first place.

9. The Exonerated Five Finally Found Redemption

Over the past few weeks, When They See Us quickly become one of the most-watched series on Netflix, and after years of being in chains, the five men who were falsely convicted of the most heinous crimes were finally given the respect they deserve. This year at the BET Awards, The Exonerated Five were honored for their strength and resilience with a standing ovation from the audience.

10.  A Sermon From Pastor Perry

Do we pass around the collection plate now or later? Because Tyler Perry just said a word. In a tribute by fellow legend, Taraji P. Henson, Tyler Perry was honored with the Icon Award for the legendary body of work that solidified his place in history.

In her introduction, Taraji noted that Tyler Perry was the first director to ever pay her what she was worth. A boss ain't really a boss unless he uses his influence to unapologetically uplift others, and in his speech, he explained that all of his groundbreaking work was all in attempt to put others on. Tyler said that while others were looking for a seat at the table, he was busy building one.

He explained that he built his studio, which at one time was a base for Confederate soldiers, in the poorest area of Atlanta so that litte black girls and boys could know they could do it too:

"There were Confederate soldiers on that base, plotting and planning on how to keep 3.9 million negroes enslaved. Now, that land is owned by one negro."

Featured image by Leon Bennett/VMN19/Getty Images for BET.

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