[Beef Squashed] Drake Hits The Studio With Chris Brown

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Drake and Chris Brown hit the studio

Check out Drake and Chris Brown in a photo that almost broke Twitter.

Over the past few years, the guys have been involved in an ongoing beef over Rihanna which resulted in an infamous bottle fight, but it looks as though Drizzy and Breezy have finally dapped it up and let bygones be bygones. The two showed up at a Los Angeles studio last night, where they were joined by Tyga, and teased a possible collaboration together.

Luckily, for those who are curious about what happened in that studio, a fan who happened to be hanging around gave the play-by-play on social media:

Ok this is huge. Drake just drove into Chris Brown's studio. Chris Brown, Drake and Tyga are together right now. OMG

I'm loving life right now Chris Brown, Karrueche,

Drake, Tyga etc. the food, drinks and ice are arriving now! Hell yeahhh we want a collab

Listening to some awesome tunes right now @Drake @chrisbrown @Tyga

Sun's coming up and @chrisbrown @karrueche @Drake @tyga are still in the studio love this

Chris Brown, Drake & Karrueche just walked out of the studio together, said goodbyes, Drake left, then Chris left in his viper w/ Karrueche

With her spilling that type of tea, I'm not sure she'll be invited back to just kick it!

It's been four years since we heard Drake and Chris Brown on a track together ("Deuces")! Hopefully, this collab really happens!

Drake and Chris Brown hit the studio

Chris Brown Drake Tyga and friends in the studio

Screen Shot 2014-07-11 at 11.31.13 AM


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