Awww! Watch This Dad Spit A Freestyle To His Daughter For Woman Crush Wednesday

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Rico rapping to Destiny 1

Rico rapping to Destiny 2

Rico rapping to Destiny 3

Rico rapping to Destiny 4

Father's Day?

It's more like Father's Day Week!

While some fathers are busy making random Instamodels their #WCWs, North Carolina native Rico Da Ruler wrote a touching rap for the special woman in his life -- his eight-year-old daughter, Destiny.

Last week, the rapping dad posted the sweetest clip of him kicking a freestyle to his beautiful mini-me on Facebook. The gesture was so heartwarming that Destiny was already in tears before her dad could begin.

Using Jay Z's "Song Cry" instrumental, Rico pours his emotions out to his daughter, calling her an angel from heaven and his brightest star during his darkest days. He also credits her for softening up his "hard" attitude, while also promising to protect her.

Watch it below:


If you are wondering why it abruptly cuts off at the end, it's because Rico started crying before he could finish.

He posted on Facebook:

As promised here's a lil freestyle that I kicked for my daughter! She got emotional and started crying before I could even start, and I did to before I could finish . Anyway she's my #WCW

So Sweet!

Catch the touching lyrics below:

On March 3rd of 2007

Was the day an angel came down from heaven

Into my arms in the ER, felt as if I was holding a mirror ‘cause I could only see me y’all

A little girl with her father’s features

Was employed at the time, but swore to make it my job to teach you

Everything I knew and more, though we ain’t rich

I promise this, you’ll have the finest food for thought, it’s truly yours

See you’re a blessing ‘cause you came at this time in my life

When it was dark and I was having trouble finding the light

And here you are, my little star

All shiny and bright

Wish I could pick you up and place you in the sky when it’s night

So the whole world could see you like I do.

No matter what happens your dad will always stand by you

From pampers to crawling, talking to walking

I never missed a moment, I made sure I saw all of it

Those the ones I cherish, ‘cause they don’t happen that often

I used to be hard, but girl you made my heart soften.

I remember the day that brought you home

It was me you and your mom, everybody else was gone

You had a little cold, but I had everyone on the phone

Talking crazy and crying ‘cause I ain’t know what was going on

What I’m trying to say, is daddy is going to protect you

Give you the best life that I can, I try my best to

Everybody make mistakes, and daddy’s gonna lecture

But when I see you doing wrong, I’ve got to give you some lectures

So don’t think I’m being mean when I fuss at you

I just want to be comfortable any time that you hit the scene

So people a well-mannered little lady

And I could sit back like, ‘That’s my little baby’

And I know sometimes your dad gets a little crazy

But that’s what eight years of raising a kid made me

Nah I’m playing yo, I’m proud of you…


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