August Alsina Feels His Hometown New Orleans Won't Let Him Do Something Positive

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August Alsina Twitter Vent Over New Orleans Free Concert Getting Shut Down 2

August Alsina might not be perfect- but how much longer will that be held against him?

At 22, August Alsina has lived a whole lifetime of adversities. Everything from the death of his older brother and taking on the role of guardian to his nieces, to having to deal with his deteriorating vision and partial blindness, August has experienced a lifetime of pain and angst enough for two people.

Recently the 'Testimony' singer took to his Twitter to testify, and posted over 10 short clips of himself venting his frustrations with his New Orleans hometown. It appears that amidst the some of the city's more violent acts of crime, August was trying to set up a free concert in the N.O., only to be shut down and told that they didn't feel an August concert was something the city needed right now. August took to Twitter to express his thoughts on what he felt was an injustice to himself and the residents:

If I could, I just want a few minutes of your time so I can share my frustrations.

There have been a lot of things, a lot of tragic things, happening in New Orleans. 16 year old girl, they found her body chopped up and scattered all over the interstate. That's just one of many things.

So me, being who I am. Being somebody who cares, being somebody who know what it feel like to lose one of my people, to violence, I said, 'I want to put something together, for the city.'

Nothing major, just something to let the community come out [and] be one with one another, no violence, no ignorance. A place here kids can come and have a good time. Their parents can come. I had food, drinks, I had the space walk set up for the skids. I had a DJ, the music, just good vibes. On top of that, I paid for all of this, out of my own pocket. I didn't ask nobody for nothing.

And these people, made me jump through so many hoops, loops, to get what I'm trying to do done. They threw everything possible they could throw my way to try and discourage me from doing this for the city. And I don't get it. Because wth all this [violence and bad things] going on in [in the city], you should be all over the fact that somebody is trying to bring some positivity, or some light, to the city, while there is so much darkness.

And at first, it was 'Oh no, you're a celebrity and you're not going to have enough security and we're not going to have enough officers to provide. And it's just gonna be madness.'

And I said, 'Cool. I'm not only going to use N.O. PD, I'm going to use the sheriffs too.' So I got over 25 officers to come out there and be a part of this event. Then it turned into something else. Because of what "somebody else" did, you saying I'ma do the same thing. So basically, you put a stereotype on me, because of God knows what. No, actually, because I'm a Black man and because of whatever the other Black man did, I'ma follow exactly what he did too. And I find that pretty f*cking selfish and hurtful, because everybody ain't the same man.

And on top of that, you're still missing what's important. What's important is: Our people [are] dying everyday, bruh. And what these people are concerned about is me bringing more of an issue to the city because of who I am and my status as a celebrity? This sh*t don't make no sense!

And when I say "these people" let me be clear on who I am talking about. I met with the everybody possible. The commander, the chief, city hall. I exhausted every resource possible. And you come and shut my campaign before i even get it started. And that, made me feel played. And not just played for myself, but I feel played for my city. Because I feel like ya'll want us to kill each other.

And I'm not making this video because I am angry, I'm making this video to shine some light on the fact that I always hear people say, 'When people get on and make it, they don't do nothing for the people. They don't give back, they don't do nothing for their hometown. But there is only so much I can do bruh. There is only so much anybody can do. And at the end of the day, all you can do is try. And I'm trying. I'm trying bruh, and they shutting a n*gga down.

August also went to Instagram to wrap up the vent:

The worlds f*cked up.. Even trying to do something positive, everybody not gonna be on your side or have your best interest in heart. Racism, Stereotype and Discrimination is obviously still very alive, they box us in ALL as one.

Truth is, part of the city's concern could stem from the fact that just this year back in January, August got into a backstage brawl... at the 'State of Emergency' show and tribute concert to slain teen, Michael Brown. All of this was actually caught on video and went viral. Having been in a fight at an anti-violence concert just six months ago, might make it difficult to get the green light for a free show later. This isn't particualry because the city doesn't trust August, but this is a matter of trusting the crowd and the type of turnout a concert- free at that- might have during such a heightened time of crime in their city.

Meanwhile, as for the 16 year old "scattered across the interstate," that August was referring to, he may have been talking about 16 year old Kaylan Ward, who was one of two Black teenage girls whose bodies were found on New Orlean's Interstate 10. Although there are no details as to whether or not the deaths are connected, both girls died of repeated blunt forces, ruled out to be a car, less than a week apart, on different areas of the same highway.  Kalyan's mom, Kenisha Martin, spoke up on the death, saying that her daughter was a rebel who'd ran away from home, but still did not deserve to die like this:

 "Young people don’t want to listen to your parents. This is what happens when you don’t listen. My baby had a demon that has been riding her for about five or six years... I told my child two weeks ago God is going to put his hands on you and he’s going to sit you down.”

Kaylan Ward Died on Interstate 10 in New Orleans at 16 years old

Talk about tough love, but everyone mourns and copes with loss differently,

What are your thoughts on the issue- was the city right to shut down August or does he have a point?

Peep the video of Kaylan's mom below:

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