Ashanti Kicks It With Eagles Player DeSean Jackson, Talks Failed Relationship With Nelly

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Ashanti and Desean Jackson

Ashanti, is this your new boo?

Philadelphia Eagles player DeSean Jackson has folks asking if he's snagged Ashanti after he promoted her latest record on his Instagram, and days later, posted a photo of the two hanging in Philadelphia (Nov 17), after the Eagles beat the Washington Redskins. Is this a new couple alert? Although nothing's official yet, and the two could just be friends, it would be nice to see Ashanti with someone new now that Nelly has officially moved on.

Last week,  during a sit-down chat with Ebro and Laura Styles of Hot 97, Ashanti finally opened up about her relationship with Nelly while admitting that her track, "Never Should Have," was written about him. She also confirmed that they were together a total of nine years, while revealing that she has another record titled "Scars" that she wrote about their relationship.

Peep a highlight below:

Are you guys [Nelly] back together again?

Negative.  Nelly and I are kind of in the space where, I'm kinda like focusing on my career, he's focusing on what he's doing, you know there's a lot of things that happened this year, you know a lot of things kinda went public more than other things have gone public before, you know what I'm saying? I kinda just...I have to do me. Um, we're in that space right now and there are things that were said and things that were done, that probably shouldn't have been said or done, but they have been.

On your part, his part, or both?

Probably both. Probably both.

Like you call him a f--king asshole, and I never want to speak to you again, get the f--k out of here you f--king punk?

Oh, it was way worse than that! [laughs] No, I mean, like I said, you know, when people are around each other for a long time, you know, there are feelings, there are things there, and people get hurt. Men handle hurt differently than women handle hurt, so...

How long were you guys together?

I mean we've known each other for a long time. Nine [years] is right. Nine is a long time.

[...] There's a record that I have called "Scars," which is really, um, it's a very deep record.

About your scars pertaining to Nelly?

[Laughs] Um, he put a couple of scars on me. Not physically, we don't want to put that out...we've definitely scarred each other. Getting back to the record, it's a deep record...I feel like I'm revealing very much, more than I have on previous records.

You have a song called "Never Should Have," I know everyone wants to know if that's about Nelly?

You know what's weird, you know me and Nelly, you know, sometimes we were cool, sometimes they weren't. We were together, not together. You getting on my nerves right go over there, I'm over here --

It makes for the best sex by the way. Keep it real.

It does. Amazing. Amazing! But um, at that time, at that very moment when I was physically writing that record, I was in the studio in LA, and me and him were in this space of we were getting back together. we were back being cool...And we were actually Skyping while I was recording the record. So the record was about when we were going through the bad times, but we were cool when I was recording it so it is weird, you know. So it was about him, but it wasn't. But he picked it, he loved the record.


Watch the entire interview below:

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