6 Apps To Help You Kick Anxiety's Ass


Suffering panic attacks and breaking out into heavy sweats aren't the only signs of struggling with anxiety. I've realized that anxiety can also be that pain in the gut when we realize we're not in control of every aspect of our lives, or that overwhelming responsibility to take care of everyone around us, or the intriguing reason of why we've had one sleepless night after another.

While the idea of mental health in the Black community is no longer a topic that we keep to ourselves and only take to Jesus, are we really dealing with any potential anxiety within us? If you've ever faced a moment where you feel like your world is closing in and there's nothing you can do about it, these apps can not only help you acknowledge what area of your life is the most trying but can help ease the stress in the moment.

Sidebar: Even though these apps help you manage your anxiety, there's nothing like sitting down and talking out your issues with someone via therapy.

1. Pacifica


There's a reason this app is one of Apple's best mental health features to date. It's designed to help you monitor and analyze almost every major part of your life that can contribute to anxiety; from your health and habits, to your mood and how often you get to rest.

It kicks into high gear as it offers resources such as relaxation methods and mindfulness practices that can speak to your specific situation. I love that this one comes with an on-the-spot stress reliever in the form of audio exercises during those moments you're experiencing a panic attack, or just have time to spare and want to improve your mental health.

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