Amber Talks One Night Stands, Oral Sex & Why Men Are Wifing Strippers

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Amber Talks One Night Stands, Intimidating Men and Why 'Strippers' Are Winning 2 Amber Talks One Night Stands, Intimidating Men and Why 'Strippers' Are Winning 10 Amber Talks One Night Stands, Intimidating Men and Why 'Strippers' Are Winning 6

Just when you thought you knew all there was to know about Amber Rose...

She does another juicy interview!

While currently out promoting her new book "How To Be a Bad Bitch," and of course her upcoming "Slut Walk," the ever busy Philly native stopped by Kandi's no-filtered late night show, Kandi Koated Nights to discuss a few things including, what else? Sex. The 31-year-old former dancer, mom and self-proclaimed advocate of women's rights opened up on her bedroom life (pre and post Wiz) and surprisingly admitted to being somewhat boring after revealing to us a list of things she absolutely won't do!

During the candid chat, Amber Rose also opened up on living a past life of no regrets and how women shouldn't shame other women for their decisions, especially since when it comes to one-night stands, "every girl has done it." She also revealed her bra size (for those wondering --she's way bigger than a double D) and gave it to 'em straight when she dished that from her personal experience, black men are just not good at oral.


Peep the highlights below:

On Sleeping with Men on the First Date

Amber: You give it up when you want to give it up but I don't think you should hold it over their head. I think you should do it (sex) when you feel like it's right.

Have you ever slept with someone on the first date?

Amber: Of course, every girl in here has. Don't act like y'all haven't. We've all done it. That's the thing as women, we need to stick together, stop callin' each other hoes, thots, whores, and stuff like that. We've all done things we're not necessarily proud of, or that we regret.

On Why Strippers are "Winning" and Getting Wifed Before Other Women These Days

Dancers are naturally confident. And that's what men love. Men love confidence. Men love women that can move their body in that way. Also, it's very sexy. Dancers are also very personable. When you're a dancer, you have to walk around and make your rounds, you have to talk to people, you have to seduce the money out of their pockets. And it's not ever in a vindictive way. They know why you're there. You know why the guys are there. So it's just extreme confidence that men love.

On Stripping Being an Honest Living - "It's not the same job as a porn star!"

Best time of my life. It was so much fun. You guys go to strip clubs! Listen, I don't have any sob stories about me dancing. I had the time of my life.

When I stopped dancing, I got signed to Ford Models in New York and I was making money and I didn't have to dance anymore.

It's an honest living. People associate strippers with prostitution and it's not the same job. It's not the same job as a porn star either. Where I worked, the guys weren't allowed to touch you. I wasn't nude. And I made money and I was young and beautiful and I had the time of my life. And now I'm older and a mom and sh*t is different.

On the Rumors that Everyone is Trying to Get With Her Since She's Been Single

That's not true. Actually, no one has tried to get with me. I swear on my child, no one has tried to get with me. My phone is dry as f*ck. When men meet me, they are very intimidated by me. I just put out a tweet the other night like "Yo, how am I supposed to slide up in your DM's if I don't know who is following me."

I've been on two dates. Listen, I'm all about chemistry. If it's not there, it's not there. No (not with someone anyone knows).

On Letting Wiz "Roam Free" Since He's Younger (He's 27 and She's 31)

I just think right now, he needs to- since he's been at the peak of career, he's been with me. And you know, as much as it hurts me and I love him, I have to have compassion for that because I was once in his shoes.

I was young and I got out of a relationship and I needed to live. And I needed to live that life before I got with my husband.

On Men She's Dealt with Since Wiz

What's funny is that on the Internet they associate me with so many men that I have never met or that I took a picture with randomly.

I really liked James [Harden] but we're better off as friends. He lives far away [and] he's 25, I'm 31.

On co-parenting with Wiz

Good. We both love our son, so it's easy. We both want to spend time with him and we both work a lot. When I'm working and I'm out here, Wiz has the baby. When he works, I have the baby.

On How She Lets a Guy Know She's Interested

Usually what I do when I like a guy, I send him flowers. It depends. Something maybe masculine? Like white roses or something like that. Listen, I like powerful men and I like to dominate them. How you want a man to caress you, you should caress them too. It's not all about the women and I feel that's where we mess up sometimes.

Usually they will [appreciate it] because it's not that often that they get something like that. Or a little gift or something like that.

On Not Sleeping with Nick Cannon because She Doesn't Mix Business with Pleasure

Listen, Nick is fine as f*ck. Let's be honest. Nick is one of my best friends, he is my manager. And you don't mix business with pleasure. You just don't do that. So as fine as he is, we keep it separate. He's a beautiful man but we don't look at each other in a sexual way. And you need to have sexual chemistry.

On Her "Slut Walk"

I can tell you how it started. I didn't invent the 'Slut Walk.' It started in Toronto in 2011. A woman was assaulted, and the police officer that was dealing with her case basically said, 'If she wasn't dressed like a slut it wouldn't have happened.' So these women came together and they formed the 'Slut Walk.' They basically dressed like sluts and wrote quotes on their bodies, with pasties and little shorts on [and signs saying] 'I still don't want it. I still don't want you to touch me. I can dress however I want to dress. I can twerk, I can dance, I can do whatever the hell I want. It doesn't make me a whore. I'm a woman, I'm a sexual being. I'm sick of double standards and men always having the upper hand.'

This is an opportunity for us women to go and walk and protest and basically be like, 'You know it's OK to be a sexual being, it's not OK for you to touch me when I don't want you to touch me just because I have a short dress on. It's not OK for you to slut shame me after the fact.' I'm sick of it. I'm starting a movement. It's going to be this summer.


Head to the next page to read Amber's thoughts on her "Freak-Meter," not caring much for "big" men (and we ain't talking weight) and Black men not being good at oral. (Caution: her responses get a little real...)

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