Amazon Prime Day Is Here! These Are The Sales You Don't Want To Miss


Nobody loves a good impromptu shopping session like me, but due to the number of back-to-back birthdays in my circle during the summer, my pockets is hurting y'all. Just when I think I have my savings account right where I want it, I have car trouble or encounter some other inevitable emergency that prevents me from shopping at my highest potential and living my absolute best life.

Luckily, Amazon is coming through with the come through this week and blessing us once again with their annual Prime Day (July 15th & July 16th), where prices are temporarily slashed on certain brands so that we can online shop to our heart's desire while minding our budget at the same damn time. From July 15th until midnight on the 16th, brands will offer up to 90% off select products (making this the biggest Prime Day event EVER) and xoNecole has all the details.

In an attempt to save you from yourself, we've compiled a list of the best deals in beauty, fashion, and electronics you should shop while the prices are low:

Beauty & Skincare

The Better Skin Co.


Deal: 35% off everything.


Amazon Echo 


Deal: On sale for $50 (you save $50).

Fashion & Accessories

Core 10


Deal: 50% off active wear.

Featured image by Getty Images.

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