10 Fashion Forward Ways To Slay An All-White Look


Black women can pull off any color against our magical melanin. However, there is something angelic about a woman of color in white.

No need to play it safe this season. It is time to have a white, hot summer in flawless looks.

If you're feeling hesitant, I am here to get you together. White lies like, "White is only for brides and the beach," or "White isn't slimming enough for me," are undeserving of your beauty. There's a myth that insists that wearing white requires tips and tricks. I believe the trick is just do it AND own it. Whether you've deemed yourself modest or edgy, you can slay an all-white look.

We rounded up a gamut of beauties killing all-white looks in their own right.


The best thing about Jennifer's outfit is how she brilliantly paired the various shades of white.

*Featured Image via Jennifer Ogumbor-Larbi

Are you a fan of all-white looks? Tell us how you add your own flair to the colorless outfit!

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