All The Reasons Why So Many Women Are Dying From Bad Butt Shots

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Warning: This post contains graphic images!

Booty, booty, booty, booty rocking everywhere, but at what cost?

More and more women today are getting their butts injected with God only knows what to keep up with the ever-expanding big booty trend. A decade ago, Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez's famed fannies were top tier tushies as both entertainers were heralded for their curves. Compare them in 2015, and their butts are sitting at the bottom as celebs like Khloe Kardashian, Nicki Minaj, and the Blac Chynas of the world captivate the masses.

The big booty bar has been raised so high now that women are literally dying from basement butt jobs in their quest to keep up with influential celebs like the Kardashians. Just this week another woman died while getting her fifth butt injection.

Whereas a Dr. Miami, (who currently performs his surgeries on snapchat) would charge thousands of dollars to suck fat from one area and inject it into a patient's behind in a procedure known as a "Brazilian Butt Lift," Kelly Mayhew paid hundreds to a faux doctor to inject her butt with foreign objects.

The 34-year-old BET freelancer traveled from Maryland with her mom to Queens, New York for the procedure. However, things went horribly wrong as soon as the quack injected her with her third shot of silicone. Mayhew's mother says her daughter began gurgling and struggling to breathe, while police sources say Mayhew suffered a cardiac arrest. She performed CPR and demanded the fake doctor to call 911, but says the woman grabbed her keys and high-tailed out of there. Shortly after, Mayhew was pronounced dead, and her fake doc is nowhere to be found.

Kelly mayhew 3

kelly mayhew 2

Via New York Daily News:

Mayhew’s mother told police her daughter was healthy and had five previous butt enhancements.

Sources said Mayhew’s fatal procedure was organized by a family friend.

Mayhew’s mother, sometime after the suspect fled, tried to call the person who set up the appointment but couldn’t reach her. The pal later wiped her social media account clean, sources said.

Incredibly sad!

Speaking with The Daily Beast, Mayhew's ex-boyfriend said the 34-year-old was a beautiful woman who was pretty unhappy about her backside and was always bothered by it.

“She would say to me, ‘I want things to fit right,’” said Mayhew’s ex-boyfriend, remembering one of many moments when Mayhew’s self-doubt got the better of her and she could see nothing but flaws. “I would talk to her, but she continued to say her clothes don’t fit the way her body was shaped.”

It was around 2008 when Mayhew first experimented with augmenting her body. Unsatisfied with her derriere, she decided to expand it. “It was the same [procedure] to get her buttocks bigger,” the ex said. “But the first one she had was [performed by] a real doctor.”

“I guess people get caught up in wanting something more than they have,” he said. “They’re not happy with themselves whenever they see others… I never approved of it, but that’s what she wanted to do.”

According to various reports, black market butt enhancement procedures are dangerous because of the foreign substances being injected into the body. While Brazilian Butt Lifts are performed by a doctor using a patient's own fat, back alley butt shots include patients getting injected with everything but. Petroleum jelly, silicone, paraffin, concrete, super glue, mineral oil, and even Fix-A-Flat sealant have all been used on women looking to augment their assets.

Doctors have noted that getting random stuff injected into your behind is asking for a world of trouble as the objects can easily migrate to other areas of the body, causing everything listed below:

-- Infections

-- Pulmonary embolism

-- Kidney failure

-- Nerve damage

-- Bleeding, scarring and abscess in the butt

-- Chest pain

-- Breathing troubles

-- Allergic reactions

-- Intense joint pain

-- Septic Shock

-- Death

Apyrl Michelle Brown

Andressa Urach

Apryl Michelle Brown had to have her forearms, legs and butt amputated after getting a serious infection from her botched butt job a few years ago. Earlier this year, popular Brazilian model Andressa Urach revealed her leg muscles were literally rotting away from bad injections. She had to be rushed to the hospital months later after her butt implant became infected.

No surgery is without its risks, however, getting illegal butt shots is more like playing Russian Roulette than anything.

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