All The Instagram Outfits We're Currently Coveting

Dear God, thank you for Instagram.


Dear God, thank you for Instagram. It has helped keep me sane in more than one way as of late. From affirmations to style inspiration, Instagram deserves a round of applause for being an escape from the Sunday Scaries that have evolved to everyday scaries.

The question: "What do I wear today?" has never been so daunting due to our recent social distancing standard. There are days we just don't feel like putting on pants and 90% of the time, the style angel on our right shoulder wins. It's in that spirit of effort that we scroll through our timelines for fashion inventiveness.

We have gathered a gamut of looks — polished to chill to glam to one just for you. Click through the slideshow for #stayhome outfits we are coveting.


Real pants aren't cancelled. Aicha is showing the world that you can still rock jeans at the crib. Most people say they are uncomfortable but they can add some normalcy to your weekly routine.


When the home office is too far away and you just want to work in bed, you might as well work in a stylish dress and fly sunglasses.


If extra was a person, it would be Zerina Akers. The celebrity stylist can teach us alot about still getting glammed up in the comfort of our homes. Our living rooms deserve it.


We love that Amanda is chilling on her porch in a graphic tee and high waisted jeans. There are two types of people in the world right now: people who still find joy in dressing up and people that don't. Amanda is one of the people that finds joy.


Why not get dressed up for the living room and pour a glass of your favorite wine? We really appreciate this printed two-piece set. It's a great way to give your blacks and grays a break on the weekends.


A quarantine snack that smizes back! We live for a ruched, off the shoulder dress as it looks flattering on all body types.


Cult favorite, Fashion Nova, has all the quarantine cutie hits. Karla's coordinate set can be worn for Zoom meetings or for a walk around the neighborhood.


We can see it now. Alanna is turning heads in Target as she struts down the aisles in her aesthetically pleasing getup. Even the bamboo handbag is fire.


The "B" in Beverly is for 'business.' The fashion lover is continuing her law practice while wearing simple but chic basics.


Take inspo from Veronica for your next grocery store run. There's always a way to add sauce to a casual look.


Give your accessories some time to shine at least once a week. Like Tania, you can style a look with a structured hat or a cute pair of boots.

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Featured image via Tiarra Monet/Instagram

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