All Of The Best Outfits From The Millennium Tour So Far

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"Give me two pair, I need two pair."

This African-American proverb is one I'm sure we're all familiar with that has transcended generations. Those of us who were old enough to remember living in the year 1999 (in my case, just barely), know that that the new millennium was a big deal. The 99 and the 2000s were an amazing time to be alive because the music world offered us classics that will simply never go out of style. The world was introduced to artists like Lil' Bow Wow (which literally blew my 7-year-old mind), Nelly, Pretty Ricky, and B2K, and would never be the same.

These throwback musicians who created the soundtracks to our adolescence are extremely valuable and must be protected at all costs. That's why millennials around the nation are rallying around these national treasures in droves for the 2019 Millennium Tour to celebrate nostalgia in airbrushed t-shirts, jersey dresses, and bandanas. The tour is headlined by B2K, Mario, Chingy, Pretty Ricky, Lloyd, Bobby Valentino, and The Ying Yang Twins, and has had a number of surprise guests like Ashanti and Bow Wow.

The 25-show tour kicked off last month and has made stops in Atlanta, Indianapolis, Virginia, and New York and will end May 25 in Arizona. The tour marks the first time that B2K has performed together in nearly a decade, and previews from the show prove that you're in for a major treat if you're able to make it.

While these artists have certainly been doing their thing, they aren't the only stars of the tour. Women everywhere dug deep into their closets and successfully slayed all of the throwback looks we knew and loved in the early 2000s. Check out all of the ladies who stole the show with their dope fits at the Millennium Tour so far below!

Featured image by B. Simone/Instagram.

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