12 Fashionable Ways To Rock An All-Black Look


We know what you're thinking—sometimes you just want to ditch the trendy, bright colors and go for a timeless and classic all-black look.

Not only is it a color that looks slimming, but we have yet to meet ANYONE who looks bad in all black. With that being said, we also know the second thought you're thinking: Can I make an all-black outfit not look so basic? The simple answer? Yes sis, you can.

When it comes to all-black looks, don't feel obligated to stick to just one thing or style! Try different cuts, textures, and styles to amp up the appeal! Toss on a fur, try on some leather, or maybe even throw on an accessory to send it up ten notches. No matter what you do or what you wear, remember you've got to strut your stuff and kill it with a fierce personality!

Don't believe us? Here are 14 stylistas who show that an all-black look is far from basic:

1. Bonang

South African star Bonang Matheba shows us that a black patent leather duster and matching pants is poppin'! Furthermore, if you're looking to amp up the sex appeal, throwing on a black, lacy bralette and some black sunnies really will take this look from 0-100.

What's your favorite way to wear all-black?

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