Upgrade Your Spring Style With These Accessory Trends

Get into the bold and bright hits that will take your outfits to the next level.


We all know the easiest way to upgrade your look is to add an accessory or two---a meticulously placed hair clip, tiny bag, or a stack of rings can change the whole game. When it comes to accessories, it really is the Wild West.

There were so many trends shown on the runway, and it truly is free for all. We saw the return of supersized bags from Bottega Veneta and Hermes, tons of platform loafers from powerhouses like Prada and Gucci, and whimsical colored sunnies from favorites Givenchy and Balmain. This spring is shaping up to be the boldest and brightest season since the early 2000s (think color velour jumpsuits and neon shoes).

No matter your personal style, here are 3 trends that upgrade any look, plus a few more because we all need a back-up plan.

Bucket Bags

A background player for a few seasons, 2020 is the breakout year for bucket bags. There are so many stunning options, from the soft and plushy silhouettes to the Barbie-esque designs. You can pick and choose to your liking. Double up on the trends and try a standout color like neon.

Shop this trend:

ASOS Bucket Bag

Lulu's Crocodile Leather Bag

Also, Try Itsy-Bitsy Bags...

By now you've seen this on every red carpet and music video. It's the cutest trend on the screen and it's quickly becoming a quirky favorite.

Anklets and Metal/Link Accents

Chain accents have been featured on every part of the body. From the 2000s-inspired belly chains to the soft, layered necklaces, there's a serious chain frenzy happening this year. Whether styled with a delicate sandal or a bold bootie, it automatically adds unexpected glam to your shoe collection. Consider it a built-in anklet.

Also, Try Mary Janes:

This classic shoe is getting another update. The resurgence of Mary Janes has been met with playful and whimsical designs that transcend the boardroom. We're seeing higher heels, more straps, and a few backless options that will melt your heart.

Shop this trend:

Nine West Mary Jane

Journee Pump

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