A Salute To The Bitchie Graduates of 2015!

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Class of 2015 Graduates from The John Hopkins School of Medicine Future Medical Doctors from The John Hopkins School of Medicine: (Plastic Surgeon, Pediatrician, 2 Internists MD's, General Surgeon & Emergency Doctor!)

Class of 2015 Graduates from the University of Detroit Law School Class of 2015 Graduates from the University of Detroit Law School

It's that time of the year again- graduation!

These past weeks, we've had the graduates of 2015 from various grad and post-grad programs submit their graduation day photos and explain why their special day was so much bigger than just a cap and gown. The barriers many of these individuals, best friends, sisters, frats and sororities have broken down is truly incredible.

Check out the amazing and inspiring stories and flicks below:

Jeff Lewis Class of 2015 from North Carolina A&T

Jeff Lewis: Going into my senior year of high school I decided to hold myself back an extra year in order to pursue my dream of obtaining a track scholarship. My grandmother did not like my decision because she told me she did not know how much time she had left and she did not want to leave without seeing me graduate high school. Well, a few years have passed and now she has witnessed something better than a high school graduate. She witnessed her first college graduate of a 4 year institution in the family!! Words can not express how happy I am that she could see this day. The moment I saw my grandmother post graduation, I held her tight and we cried together. Thank you God for allowing her to see this day!  -Becauseofthemwecan

Kiah Alexandria Class of 2015 Graduate of Howard University School of Communications

Kiah Alexandria: I'm officially a Howard University School of Communications Graduate, Summa cum Laude. Ending my college career with a 3.95 cumulative, having made some of the best relationships I could ever have through Campus Pals, FLA, HUSA, SOC council, and my sorority DST, and having traveled out of the country to study abroad, I am so proud to call Howard University my home of memories and experiences. This is only the beginning for me and my colleagues and the class of 2015 is ready to take the world by storm.

Kiah Alexandria and Bestfriend Stephanie Class of 2015 Howard University Graduates

Kiah's Message to her Bestie Stephanie: "Some friendships only come once in a lifetime and when they come you better grab a hold of them and grab tight. Stephanie, thanks for just being there. Through everything. Sometimes you don't even have to say anything just like I know I don't need to say so much now because you get me and I get you. Our memories are just beginning; we have a whole life together! Let's go and make them. Best friends forever, bro. True Version. #howardalumni #blackexcellence

Class of 2015 Graduates King Hankerson and Nelson from Howard University

King Hankerson & Best Friend Nelson: We met our freshman year on the 3rd floor of Drew Hall; we stepped together our freshman year; we collectively traveled to eight (8) countries while in undergrad; we swam under waterfalls together; we walked across rope bridges hundreds of feet in the air; we too, jumped out of planes together; we were both recognized as DC's Top 50 Black Male Leaders; we both spoke at our graduation ceremonies; we both graduated Summa Cum Laude (3.91 & 3.95 respectively) from Howard University; we proclaimed to one another that we wanted to be a lawyer and a doctor our freshman year and now we're headed to graduate school. Howard Law and Harvard Med- in the fall. Friends that grind together, shine together. #NewBlackStereotype #BecauseOfThemWeCan

Class of 2015 Graduate Dave Thomas Jr. from Howard UniversityClass of 2015 Graduates form Howard University

Dave Thomas Jr: It still hasn't hit me yet but... Today I Graduated From College. 22 years later I handed her the degree so that she knew it was real. Mom, you did a great job. Your only child made it!

My friends and I have jumped out of airplanes, traveled to Africa, Asia, and Europe, and now ... We Graduate Together. This Is Just The Beginning! #SquadGoals #NewBlackStereotype"

Class of 2015 Graduates Kris Michelle and Her Line Sisters from Duke University

Via @kris__michelle and @_jazzelle: "My line sisters and I are some of Duke's newest graduates. We are not your stereotype. Black women who conquered Duke University. The world isn't ready for us!" -#BitchieGraduates #AKA #Duke #congrats

Class of 2015 Graduates  from Hampton University Twins Britney and Whitney Johnson

Whitney and Britney Johnson: My twin. My backbone. My BETTER half. There's no one else I'd rather experience college with. You've always been my number one supporter, and I am forever grateful. Thank you for pushing me when I needed to be pushed. Your abilities inspire me and you don't know how much my success longs for your inspiration. You're selfless to the point where I'm scared you'll forget about your dreams while you focus on mine. You're so naturally successful and I see God's favor all over you. You possess qualities that I sometimes wish I had. Thank God we compliment each over, work together, and support one another. I'm going to save the rest of my speech for June 1st! #HUALUMNI #SummaCumLaude#DepartmentalHonors #PresidentialAwardsRecipients#PRProfessional #ComputerScientist" #BitchieGraduates #Hampton #HBCU#Delta Miss Black Hampton Roads '15 @thewhitneystory

Class of 2015 Reanne from UCLA Law with Fiance

Reanne: Walking down those UCLA Law steps for the last time! Tomorrow is the big day. WE did this. Couldn't have asked for a more supportive life partner these last 3 years. Thanks for everything babe. #UCLAw #2015 #JD #Blacklove #bitchiegraduates

Today I graduate from UCLA Law at the age of 24! I will be taking the California Bar in July, marrying this fine Alpha (AphiA) man Labor Day weekend, & we will be moving to San Fran together in October where I will be starting my dream job practicing corporate law! Because of them we definitely can, my future is looking very bright indeed!!

Class of 2015 Graduates from NCCC School of Law Brothers Class of 2015 Graduates from NCCC School of Law Sisters

(The top photo is of some of the male graduates from the 'North Carolina Central University School of Law.' One of the gentlemen and Law grads from the photo wrote in to let us know they were not alone!) 

NCCU School of Law Brothers: "This is also a pic of our sisters in my graduating class from NCCU School of Law 2015. We want to shout out the sisters. If it wasn't for them supporting us during our 3 years at Central, we may not have made it out." How beautiful!?! #squadgoals #eaglepride

 Class of 2015 Graduates from the Presbyterian College of Pharmacy

From the ladies of the Presbyterian College of Pharmacy: "Dear young black girl, Always remember that what the media shows you as a black woman's worth may not always be reality!!" Love, Educated Black Doctors.

University of Detroit Law School Grads Class of 2015

AJ Hamilton ("Mom and Future Lawyer") & Her Colleagues: #BlackLivesMatter University of Detroit Law School Grads Class of 2015. #bitchiegraduates. #Congrats!

Class of 2015 Graduates from The John Hopkins Medical School

From @Chi_Eddie: "Congratulations to my sister and her friends on their upcoming graduation from The John Hopkins School of Medicine in 2 weeks!!! Plastic Surgery, internal medicine, Pediatrics, General Surgery, Emergency Medicine, Internal medicine. May 21st..we move!

Aww, congrats Class of 2015!

Check out more pics of the graduates below:

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