A Salute To Amazing Dads ( From Our Readers)

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Their fingers may be small, but they can still wrap daddy around them!

Dear dads- this one is for you!

Ask just about anyone, parenting is not an easy task and it's about the only job that comes with no vacation and definitely no pat on the back when you do it well (ok maybe sometimes- if you're lucky!) However, there is no denying that the benefits of raising a "mini you" are measureless and the rewards are immeasurable, because at the end of the day, in the eyes of the somebody- you are indeed a hero!

And this weekend, was all about the dads (and for a few, for the "father" in you too!)

Recently, some of our amazing readers sent in their dedications honoring a few good dads: from fathers, to father figures, to husbands- ya'll are all winners- in the eyes of these special ladies who are extremely grateful for you!

So with that said, peep some of the amazing stories we received stories that highlighted sacrifice, travel, education, the importance of grandfathers, and most of all, LOVE!

Reader Lori Wright wrote:

To my husband,
I have loved you since we were 19. I have loved you a million times over again since the day our son was born and a million times over that since the day our baby girl was born. There is nothing in this entire world I would trade for the love you have for our babies. The way you are all in with everything they do because you WANT to be. You deserve all the praise in this world for the love and effort you put into raising them and providing for them and being there emotionally for every step they make. And just when I think I couldn't love you more, I look at the way they look back at you, and my heart is filled with more joy than any earthly thing could ever give me. The way our son wants to be just like you. The way he stares at you making sure he IS being just like you. The way our daughter at only 2 years old looks at you like her super hero. The happiness I feel when she says, "I lud you daddy" and kisses you. Things might not always go as planned, but knowing how much love is in this house I know I am blessed more than I deserve. I pray that on this day you realize how much of an impact you are making on our babies lives and what an amazing job you are doing. Happy Father's Day....

Lori also wrote a special message to Wallace Sr.

To my Father in law,I am thankful for you. From doing such a great job raising your son, to showing my babies what unconditional love truly means. Showing them what it's like to be raised in a God fearing family and always being such a strong role model. There is not one person I've ever met that hasn't pointed out how blessed I am to have married into a family with such a loving and sweet spirited man. My kids and I love you beyond words. This day and everyday we are grateful you are a part of our everyday life.

Shatrell Pulliam wrote:

We had our daughter June 28th 2014. June 29th 2014 my husband Bryant Pulliam II had to leave and report to his new duty station in Italy. He did not see his daughter and I again until October, she was four months by then. He came and got us from USA because he was impatiently waiting. Now we have reunited and he's been a awesome husband and father. My father was very pleased I had chosen him to be my husband, and his mother said years ago I would be her daughter in law the day we went to prom in high school. When I see him I see my father a dedicated hard working man who supports his family. I'm proud to have them both.

Brandi Hargette wrote:

Chris is very intentional about the type of father he is/wants to be. We discussed parenting styles while I was pregnant and made sure we agreed on what was most important when raising, Zora, our daughter. We agreed on emphasizing the importance of black love, God consciousness, family, traveling, and Hip Hop :) We don't delegate task according to gender roles, so he's invested in nurturing Zora as much as he is concerned with being her protector and provider. I appreciate how unapologetic he is about that - the desire to be able to do it all. As a daddy's girl, my father was very much the macho man with a finite concept of what men and women behavior entails. The flexibility Chris shows regarding this is such a gift. I can never mention the ease of my transition into motherhood without noting how pivotal he is in making that so. He's not just the guy that appears in photo ops. He's an avid team player and the King in our kingdom. Zora certainly agrees. She already acts like he's her man :)Shannon Libby wrote:
His first son was born when he was about to graduate high school and that changed him for the better.. we started dating about a yr n a half later and the first thing from my family's mouths were "are you crazy he has a child!" I thought about it and I realized, thats what attracted me to him. His son ALWAYS came first (his mom kinda left when he was about a year old) and to me that was so unique for a young black man at his age. Fast forward a couple years later were married and expecting our own child and he's in school, working full time and still being the best husband and support system he can be (I was an annoying prego). He graduated august 2010 with his bachelors in computer science. But he didn't stop there.. in 2014 he graduated with his masters in finance. While doing this he was always making sure that we were always taken care of and putting our boys first. I have never met a man who's so determined and focused on making sure his children have a better life. He is such an inspiration to his children (our youngest tells people his daddys a superhero) and I am POSITIVE I couldn't have chosen a better role model for our boys. My father passed about 3 years ago and I feel like God definitely knew what he was doing by placing my husband Deon in my life because, even though he cant take my fathers place, he's doing a damn good job being mine and my kids everything.

A reader described it perfectly when she said "Every child isn't as lucky as I am" Click on page 2 to read stories of fathers that have 'stepped' in as real daddies.

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