A First Look At Oxygen's New Show 'The Sisterhood Of Hip Hop'

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sisterhood of hip hop trailer

If you are ready to see some unity amongst females in Hip Hop, Oxygen has a show for you.

Its newest project, The Sisterhood Of Hip Hop, features Diamond [fomerly of Crime Mob], Brianna Perry, Nyemiah Supreme, Bia and Siya who are five young female rappers struggling and sacrificing to make it in an industry dominated by men.  The show will follow their lives, while giving us a behind-the-scenes look at what happens when female rappers stick together instead of bashing one another.

In the preview, which emerged online today, we are introduced to the five ladies and their backstories.  According to Diamond (who is most known out of the bunch), her relationships with Lil Scrappy and Soulja Boy have overshadowed her talent, and she's ready to prove herself as a solo artist.  She says,  "I want to be known for my music, the past is the past." She also gets advice from Lil Jon who told her it's about time she dates a regular dude.

Siya also introduces herself in the clip as the first openly gay female MC in the industry and details how she's been repeatedly asked to change her image. She's struggling between her relationship with her girlfriend Renaye and her music.

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Catch a peek at the first episode below:

Eve, Irv Gotti, Rick Ross, Soulja Boy and Tank are some of the familiar names and faces who make appearances on the show.

The show airs next Tuesday, August 12 on Oxygen. Will you be watching?

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