9 All-Natural Ways To Quench Dehydrated Skin

The thirst is real.

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Having an abundance of melanin is amazing but without the proper care, our skin has a tendency to get really dry no matter what time of year it is.

It's super tempting to go all out at CVS and Target and splurge on glowy lotions and rosy body butters to get our shine on fleek and at its full potential. But what are we really putting on, and into, our bodies in an effort for them to maintain their already natural moisture? It's certainly something to think about.

As we go deeper into a plant-based culture that promotes a jumpstart into health and wellness, it's no secret that there are also all-natural options to help quench our skin's thirst. Because the thirst is certainly real. We just don't have to put a ton of processed products on our bodies to satisfy it. Before your next trip to your local store, take a look at all-natural ways to quench dry skin.

8. Shea Butter

We've been getting shea butter by the pounds. Almost everyone knows that some of the best lotions and moisturizers for our skin include shea butter. So why not get the all-natural version and cut out all of the unnecessary ingredients? Shea butter isn't just a moisturizer. It can also act as an anti-aging product. But since it's created from the nuts from the fruit of a Shea tree, it's likely to be much healthier for your skin compared to other options you typically see on the shelves. A tip is to make sure that it's not expired before using. Once the expiration date comes, it no longer has its moisturizing properties.

We Recommend: Unrefined Ivory Shea Butter, $14

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