7 Cowgirl Positions That Will Give You The Ride Of Your Life


Music has hyped the cowgirl sex position forever and it's with good reason. In fact, had "Look Back At It" been released neoooow, Trina would've had people everywhere recording themselves for the 'gram trying to spin around and keep the d*ck inside. See the vision? #DaBaddestChallenge.

Call it overrated, but girl, riding is the one sex position that will no doubt have you come out on top or victorious, if you will. This is your moment to shine, leaving him with a temporary stammer brought on by the ill nana. It's your show, your rodeo, your time to shine. So you'll no doubt be center stage calling all the shots, which is far too infrequent when it comes to women in sex, us taking the reins that is.

Unlike many other positions, this one gives you more control, from the speed and angle to the depth which is necessary considering the way my cervix is setup (she's a lowrider). In other words, you're in control of everyone's pleasure. Including the quick access you have to your clitoris making it easier for you to play with. Once you get in a rhythm, you might not even mind that sweet, slow burn but either way, there is something for everybody. That said, we scooped up the best "cowgirl" positions that the internet has to offer to give you a good amount of options. After all, there are levels to this position.

Saddle up, ladies, you're in for the ride of your life, and with these 7 positions, you'll be doing all the driving:

The Amazon


The Amazon Sex Position

This Amazon sex position allows you to slow stroke and grind your way to a climax as it stimulates the g-spot. To get in formation for this position, your partner will lie on his or her back while drawing their knees into the chest, feet straddled apart. While you will stand on your knees between his legs, slightly straddling your legs with your feet touching in a prayer-like pose. Once you're settled into position, your partner can rest his or her ankles on your butt while pulling you in deeper with their hands.

Featured image by Getty Images.

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