6 Bossed Up Bestie Goals from Nicki Minaj and Beyoncé's 'Feeling Myself' Video

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Beyonce and Nicki Feeling Myself Video Pool Scene Beyonce and Nicki Feeling Myself Video Matching Outfits Beyonce and Nicki Feeling Myself Video Matching

When the Barb and Bey unite = #BestfriendGoals!

P.S. Jay Z gon' make y'all get this TIDAL.

When it comes to Beyoncé and Nicki, face it: it's a celebration every time they link up! Nicki Minaj recently dropped her highly anticipated video for her single "Feeling Myself," featuring none other than who else - Queen Bey! The two ladies served up the ultimate best friend goals in the visuals, which were shot mostly during their time at this year's Coachella fest. Everything about this video is what happens when you re-do Bey's "7-11" but with your partner in crime. And it's pretty bomb!

Check out our "6 Best Friend Goals" from Bey and Nicki's collaboration:

Beyonce and Nicki Feeling Myself Video Dance in the Bathroom While Getting Ready

1. Turn Up Together While Getting Ready for a Night Out

"Dancing in the mirror and telling your best friend like- girl, I think my butt getting big. Oh!" Who doesn't like to get down to their pre-game playlist while primping and prepping with their bestie? Bey and Nick were definitely 2-On in the bathroom scene while Nicki twerked it at the counter, and Bey sang it up in the bathtub. Two cutie pies getting cutie-fied. Goals!

Beyonce Getting Hype over Nicki's Raps

2. Hype You Up When you Slay a verse word for word.

Because when you have a bestie, your shoulders stay brushed. Killed it! Bey and Nicki shared the ultimate BFF casualty when the rapper went OFF in her second verse, and Bey couldn't help but get contact-crunk, all the while hyping her girl up! Sound familiar? It should! Don't act like some of you have never been in the car, club or at home and nearly convinced your BFF that she wasn't straight killing it! All up in the fake-video in y'all minds like: "Ohhh, go best friend, that's my best friend!" Flawless!

Beyonce and Nicki Gif

Beyonce and Nicki Mustache Beyonce and Nicki Feeling Myself Video Matching

3. Play Together and Slay Together- Twinning!

When your best friend low-key gets promoted to "sister" and all of a sudden people can't tell you two apart... Wonder Twins activate! Nicki and Bey shared so many "matching" moments, we dang near lost count. The two shared similar outfits (from the one-piece bathing suits, to the black and white varsity-style jersey and jackets, etc.) to their identical smiles and silly faces as the gorgeous gals mirrored each other during the entire video.

Beyonce and Nicki Minaj Feeling Myself Water Guns

4. Act like Grown Azz Kids

Forever young! From water guns to bounce houses, Beyoncé and Nicki have no shame in their inner-kid game. The ladies served up the ultimate free spirit realness when they could be seen squirting water guns, playing in a bounce house, getting down at Coachella and of course, going half on some candy!

Bey: Is that Bubblelicious?

Nicki: No.

Bey: Is that Now-and-Laters?

Nicki: Yeah, you want some?!

Only your best friend can have you feeling 10 again!

Beyonce and Nicki Feeling Myself Video Eating Burgers 2 Beyonce and Nicki Feeling Myself Video Eating 3

5. Indulge and co-sign your cheat day with with you!

"Happy Meal"-game real! Because when you're going against your diet- you better go hard or go home. Bey and the Barb totally pigged out and wild out but in the most lavish way possible when they locked arms and ate burgers and fries, drank endless champagne and Myx Moscato and indulged in treats. Sweet! After all, when you're with your friends, calories are non-existent- we call those "fun points."

Nicki Minaj and Beyonce Feeling Myself Video LaughingBeyonce and Nicki Feeling Myself Video Nicki Minaj Reportedly Dissing Tyga?

6. Stand By you While You Shade their Rivals? #Pervert17

We can't help but wonder if Nicki's "Pervert 17" shirt was a shot at Tyga and his ongoing public relationship with minor, Kylie Jenner?

Earlier in the year Nicki Minaj and Tyga had beef which she addressed in detail during her interview on the Tim Westwood Show. During his rant against his former label, Young Money, Tyga specifically mentioned not getting along with Nicki or Drake. Nicki unfollowed Tyga, and on Tim's show, insinuated that she'd suspected he leaked her music:

I thought that was a little disrespectful [that Tyga may have leaked 'Truffle Butter"] because I've always shown him love and I've always done stuff with him and took him on tour with me and I thought it was disrespectful, know what I mean? Because I am the 'Queen of Young Money.'

Then he said some stuff that I ain't feel. But he texted me after and he apologized... I was very disappointed that someone leaked it but we won't really get into it because Tyga said he didn't so I'll take his word for it and we'll keep it moving.


The jersey top is from one of Givenchy's past collections, and the number 17 is a numerical symbol found on a few of the designer's clothing, however there is only one collection (Nicki's jersey-top included) that features the word "Pervert" and the number 17 together. This collection also included phone cases and loafers. Although the timing is definitely interesting and we all know Nick is a smart chick, we'll never know. But for now, #Pervert17 is trending and fans are going HAM in Tyga and Kylie's mentions with baby and bottle emojis. (P.S.- Blac Chyna has also worked for Nicki before as her body double, and it is rumored that the two were both friends at one point).

Beyonce behind the scenes 'Feeling Myself'

Ride together, get fly together. Best friends for life!

If you haven't seen it already, pay Tidal your coins, and the video will be waiting for you at the doe!

Meanwhile, get into these behind-the-scenes shots!

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