We often get so preoccupied with life and busy during the week, that many of us skip out on the gym. Due to this, a lot of us are missing the memo on the importance of having some sort of physical activity throughout your day to keep your body and your mind right.

Luckily, there are ways to get in some filler workouts. Someone like me, for example, has never actually had a real gym membership and usually opts to get in a small workout at home. If you get into the habit of fitting in a sneaky little regimen, you might be surprised at how that small change transforms your body over time.

If any of this is you, here are five ways that you could sneak in a supplementary workout on a daily basis.

1. A Quick Squat and Leg Workout Right Before You Shower


Make sure that you give yourself an extra 15 minutes to sneak in this workout before you run your shower in the morning or evening.

Using the edge of the bathtub as leverage, you can achieve some effective calisthenic exercises. Try to find balance by holding the wall or the towel rack, if close enough. I like to run my water just so it begins to get steamy.

  • Start with one foot and placing it on the edge of the tub. Your leg should be folded at a 90-degree angle.
  • Leading with the kneecap of your free leg, dip your knee to the floor as low as you can go, ideally reaching a 90-degree angle while keeping your back straight.
  • You should be engaging your buttocks, obliques, and your core as you dip down.
  • Raise your knee back up into the second step of this lunge exercise by straightening your leg that is elevated on the bathtub edge. In doing so, you give your quads and your hamstrings a great stretch.
  • After doing 10 lunges, switch sides and repeat.

I like to do two sets on each side before I get in the shower every day. This gives my legs and my butt a nice workout. When I started this, I saw an obvious difference in only 7 days of a strict commitment to this workout.

*You can also do toe raises as you brush your teeth to work out your calves.

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