5 Important Lessons In Business We Learned From Michelle Obama Meeting Melania

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In an election that has still shaken the very core of our nation, life has continued to move on for those most closely impacted: President Obama and Michelle Obama.

Just a few days after the election the president and First Lady took the high road (because we go high when they go low) and welcomed President Elect Trump and his wife Melania to the White House.

While President Obama and Trump privately chatted with one another, Michelle and Melania sat down and had a chat of their own and according to Trump, his wife Melania loves Mrs. O (as if we didn't know that from her stolen RNC Speech).

In a meeting that had the internet roaring with hilarious memes of the meeting we all have to admit that #michelletaughtus all lots of valuable business relationship lessons:

Don't Ever Take Things Personally

Business is business even when you are the First Lady of the United States. Despite the weeks of hard campaigning for Hillary, Michelle still had to welcome in the party's biggest opponent with open arms. Business is no different for the rest of us. We have to learn to take our personal emotions out of our business interactions. It doesn't matter how you feel about a person personally. Business is business and the coin still spends the same regardless of your feelings.

[Tweet "Business is business and the coin still spends the same regardless of your feelings."]

We Can Think Differently and Still Make A Change

There's no secret that Melania and Michelle think very differently and the differences between their husbands may be even stronger but that doesn't mean together they can't make a change. History has taught us time and time again that some of the most successful businesses grow from having people with varying opinions and while that doesn't make one person wrong or right it simply makes them different. As a business professional, don't ever allow your inability to see passed someone else's "different" keep you from building relationships that could ultimately end up making a lasting impact.

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Learn To Block Out The Noise

Both Michelle and President Obama asked that the media not be involved in their meetings. It's no secret we all wanted to be that fly on the room especially with Michelle and Melania but nobody knows what was said and that's probably for the best. Often times, we invite too many unnecessary opinions into our business endeavors and it clouds our own minds. Blocking out the noise doesn't mean others don't matter it means you recognize the need to protect your good energy.

[Tweet "Blocking out the noise means that you recognize the need to protect your good energy."]

Always Come Prepared To Learn

While Michelle did invite Melania to the White House, Melania did not have to come. Sure, the media would have gone crazy but she could have easily adopted the mentality that she didn't need anything Michelle had to offer. Melania willingly sat down with Michelle and took in all of her wisdom and despite the success of her own husband she realized that you are never too old or too rich to keep learning from those who've come before you.

Always Cheer On Your Predecessors

Now we all know Michelle was probably planning to meet with Bill Clinton and not Melania, but despite her plans, Michelle and President Obama both have still gracefully cheered on their predecessors because they recognize that the failure of their predecessors would not only diminish their legacy but the legacies of all the leaders that paved the way for them.

What lessons have you learned already from the Trump/Obama Relationship? Let us know in the comments below!

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