This No-Tension, Low-Maintenence Hair Trend Is Taking Over The Internet

Click for 22 images that prove Bonita Locs should be your next go-to style.


It's June, we're still quarantined, and protective styles are totally the wave which makes right now the perfect time to test out new hair trends before outside opens back up and xoNecole has all the details on the viral hairstyle that is guaranteed to dominate 2020.

Distressed locs, coined "Bonita Locs" by 26-year-old Cali-based hairstyle and entrepreneur, Bonita Rebel, are a lot like regular faux locs and come in all lengths and sizes. This no-tension protective style is executed using individual crochet twists that are hand-wrapped and distressed and can last up to three months with proper care. While some stylists have developed their own technique to achieve the look, DIY naturalistas can purchase a loc kit and tutorial here.

For 21 images that prove Bonita Locs should be your next go-to style, scroll below!

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