20 Instagrammable (And Delicious) Brunch Spots In Atlanta
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20 Instagrammable (And Delicious) Brunch Spots In Atlanta

Over the last few years, brunch has become the new dinner. What was once a simple meal that was nestled in between breakfast and lunch has now become a full-day extravaganza that consists of crafty cocktails, delectable food, a DJ, and in some cases, hookah. As we’ve witnessed brunch’s transformation into a party destination, it is undergoing another revolution, and it’s all about aesthetics.

Thanks to social media sites like Instagram, being Instagrammable has become a thing, whether it's what you’re wearing or what you’re doing, and restaurants are cashing in. Not only are restaurants making sure their decor is aesthetically pleasing, but they are also making sure that their food and drinks are having an Instagram moment. Atlanta is one of the popular hubs for brunch, thanks to the variety of eateries in the city. Every day, there seems to be a new brunch spot popping up, looking to be the next big thing in the city.

One of the newer brunch spots, which just opened over the weekend, is The Breakfast Bar. While breakfast is in the name, it is the perfect blend of delicious food and drinks that are also Instagrammable, as well as the restaurant itself. No matter your vibe, Atlanta has a variety of brunch spots to choose from. Whether you want bottle service and hookah, or you just want a place that’s laidback and cute, check out this list of the most Instagrammable brunch spots.

Johnny’s Chicken & Waffles


Johnny's Chicken & Waffles has two locations:

College Park: 3725 Main St, College Park, GA 30337

Atlanta: 1080 Crescent Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30309

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