20 Black Girl Street Style Looks That Turned Our Heads During NYFW SS20

Black girl magic, y'all can't stand it.


Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2020 is upon us, and true to form, it's kicking off with New York Fashion Week. NYFW is one of my favorites, perhaps due to a slight bias of my love for New York, and the aesthetic and energy NYFW attracts every season (of which I've personally experienced while on the scene back in the day), and don't get me started on the parties.

NYFW is unmatched for many reasons and pivotal to my interest in the whole fashion month; one of the reasons is all the expressions of blackness on display. It has been hailed for being the most diverse fashion week, from the black designers showcasing including Pyer Moss and LaQuan Smith, to the models, editors, bloggers and stylists at the shows. Where other cities' fashion weeks have failed, NYFW gives a platform for black women to have their rightful representation in fashion, an industry where our influence and contributions are undeniable.

During NYFW, BET's annual Black Girls Rock, a multifaceted celebration of Black Girl Magic, aired this past Sunday, so what better time than fashion month to give it up to the black girls killing the fashion game?

Here are some of my favorite black girl street style looks from NYFW:

Featured image via Karrueche/Instagram

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