18 Of The Best Halloween Costumes We Saw This Year

Human Interest

Y'all were not playing with Halloween this year, we STAN!

This year's outfits were seriously some of the best, especially as we continued to see the odes to celebrities, couple flicks, and of course, the endless amount of cute babies down our timelines. Some of us couldn't make it out to trick-or-treating, but the showdown for best 'fit on social media was truly one for the books. Every year, we already know many of the celebrities who are going to pop out — and we won't lie, the Internet did do a minor stop when Queen Bey stepped on the scene with her Toni Braxton tribute. We love a Black Queen who cheers on a Black Queen.

But Beyoncé wasn't the only one we couldn't take our eyes off of this year. We saw some really creative, innovative, and downright poppin' outfits, so here's a look at a few of our favorite from the night:

Featured image by Jasmine Brown

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