14 Things To Do With Your BaeFF's This Valentine's Day
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14 Things To Do With Your BaeFF's This Valentine's Day

For eight years, Valentine's Day was strictly reserved for my then-boyfriend.

Year after year, he made the holiday one to remember with expensive gifts and exquisite dinners. (No more O'Charley's after 2008 ha!) In our eighth year, that relationship came to a screeching halt due to us growing apart and, for the first time in nearly a decade, I spent February 14th alone. It was traumatic but also eye-opening. In my loneliness, I realized that there was an unwavering love that will last forever and it wasn't from a man.

My girlfriends.


My friends were there for the rise and fall of that relationship and they did an amazing job of putting me back together after my heart was shattered.

Whether I am boo'd up or not, my friends will always be down to ride, no matter the occasion. This high impact holiday can have you deep sea diving in your feelings if you recently experienced a breakup or the loss of a loved one. In those moments, it's important to remember that this day is meant to celebrate ALL love. It may feel like the spotlight is on you when you're single on Valentine's Day with having to explain it every 30 minutes but there's a solution. Turn Valentine's Day into GALentine's Day!

Check out some fun tings you can do with the lovely ladies that never leave your side by clicking through the gallery below:

1.Girls Night In


Grab some of your favorite chick flicks or log into your Netflix account, and enjoy a night in snuggled on the couch with the women who know you best while wearing some fly onesies.

2.Sip & Stroke


Every girl enjoys any activity that involves a nice bottle of bubbly. You'll also leave with some nice decor to add to your home. Check out places like Pinot's Palette, Bottle & Bottega, Color Me Mine, and Booze and Nudes for events that will be perfect for you and the girls.

3.Work It Out


With places like SoulCycle all over the country, grab your baeFF and burn some calories. Let's get that revenge body completely snatched!

4.Mani-Pedi Date


As women, we love to get pampered and going to the nail salon is one of our favorite ways to do that. Try a new nail color to spice things up.

5.Couple of BaeFF Massages


Listen. Massages are the answer to everything. Head to a luxury spa to let a masseuse help you let go of all of your stress and worries.

6.The ULTA-Mate Makeover


Have you been wanting to makeover your look or learn some beauty tricks? Ulta is a great place to shop for new beauty products and learn ways to change up your aesthetic.

7.Bar Crawl


Sometimes you need to get out on the scene and delight in a beer with your homegirls. We are sure that some of the poppin' neighbrohoods in your city will have specials at bars to ensure a night of fun.

8.Thelma & Louise Adventure


Whether you want to go skydiving or take a day road trip to another city, this pick was made for the spontaneous besties.

9.Wine Tasting


Groupon has some bomb deals and Tiffany Haddish has been trying to put y'all on game. Expand your palette by indulging in different types of wine.

10. "Do You" Dinner


Forget counting calories and coordinate a nice dinner for your closest friends. Treat yourself to a night on the town with your favorite girls at a restaurant you might have been saving for date night for future bae. You won't regret it.

11. Karaoke


Let's take singing in the shower to another level by belting out your favorite Beyonce anthem in a room full of strangers. Hint, it's even more fun when you've had a couple of drinks.

12. Get Matching Tattoos


Make a memory that will literally last forever in the form of tattoos that are symbolic of your friendship in nature.

13. Game Night


We all love a good game of Black Card Revoked. There are so many board and card games to choose from. If those aren't an option for you and your crew, you can even play games on your phone like Heads Up.

14. Cooking Class


Spend the night learning how to make some delicious dishes that you can show off when you host a dinner.

What are you doing with your girls for Galentine's Day?

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