13 Ways To Rock Corduroy This Fall


We have a new retro revival in order. Corduroy. It's back like it never left.

I can remember wearing corduroy as a kid and being hella mad at my mom for making me look like somebody's granny. I should have known that the trend I dreaded as a child would be an extremely popular texture in my adult life. Much like velvet, it is a seventies staple making its way to the forefront of fashion.

The great thing about corduroy is that you can baby step your way into it by wearing one item, or you can go all out with a head to toe getup. Not many textures can add depth and contrast like corduroy.

Check out some pieces freshly lined and finished with this stunning texture below:

Are you here for the corduroy craze? Tell us your thoughts below. We can't wait to hear from you!

Featured Image: @awedbymoni

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