Flotus Closet: 34 Times Michelle Obama Killed The Style Game

Any working mother knows from Michelle's example that it's not easy to take on the world and look good at the same time. Her clothing...


I think we can all agree that Mrs. Obama nailed her final State Dinner appearance while wearing a stunningly beautiful custom made rose gold Atelier Versace chainmail dress. Talk about leaving a final impression!

The 51-year-old beauty looked like a fashion lover's dream come true with her effortless style, enviable arms, and amazing look. Seriously, she kept Twitter buzzing.



Let's not forget Michelle Obama is always slaying! Her amazing dress at the last State of The Union sold out before POTUS dropped shade on Osama Bin Laden during his final speech. According to E! News, the Neiman Marcus dress was originally priced at $2,095, but was reduced to $628. So no, you can't cop it anymore.

Besides looking effortlessly fly, she's had an impressive list of accomplishments before and after she and her family moved to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. The Princeton graduate holds a master's degree from Harvard, and she's one of four First Ladies to do so (the other three were Pat Nixon, Hillary Clinton, and Laura Bush). On top of that, she kept working while her husband was on the campaign trail. She told Glamour back in 2008,

 I’m working 20 percent [of the time]. I joke that I stick with the job because it covers my insurance, but the reality is that my career has always been very important to me. I travel with two BlackBerrys, one for the campaign and one for my job, so I can stay on top of my responsibilities.

After her husband became POTUS, she hit the ground running with inspiring America's youth. Her "Lets Move" campaign influenced a generation of kids to put down the Playstation remotes and get moving, helped parents to pay closer attention to childhood obesity, while pushing schools across the nation to create healthier eating options in school cafeterias. She's also been recognized for encouraging young girls to follow their dreams, and take care of business in school. She truly took the world by storm.

But any working mother knows from Michelle's example that it's not easy to take on the world and look good at the same time. Her clothing options, which often come right off of the rack, inspired many working moms to remember to put themselves first. Mandi Norwood, author of Michelle Style: Celebrating The First Lady of Fashion, says that even though Michelle's style is as inspiring as First Lady Jackie Kennedy Onassis', Michelle is still driving in her own lane. She told Marie Claire,

Michelle O. has a much more accessible style than Jackie O. While Jackie very often had clothes hand-made just for her, or at least collaborated with designers to create clothing to her specifications, Michelle buys off the runway and off the rack. This, of course, means that it's really easy for the average woman on the street to mimic Michelle's style and feel close to her. I think many women feel like they know Michelle Obama because she's very real, in the way she talks the way she behaves and, yes, in the way she dresses.

The fact that First Lady Obama often hits the mall for a cute outfit is encouraging to any woman looking to step up her style game. Mandi says that it's rather easy for any woman to adopt FLOTUS' style, even during tough economic times.

Michelle Obama clearly doesn't dress according to price tag. We get the very strong feeling that if Michelle loves a dress it isn't because it comes with a high price tag - it's because it makes her happy or feel good. For so many years, women have felt that they have to spend a lot of money and wear designer labels to be truly stylish. Not so, says Michelle Obama, who proves you can dress from Talbots, Gap, J Crew, White House Black Market and look completely on point fashion-wise.

The fact that Mrs. O dresses according to how she feels is impressive. Even First Lady Laura Bush had a trouble figuring out her fashion choices during her time in the White House. She said in her memoir that she was "amazed by the sheer number of designer clothes that I was expected to buy'' as first lady. She also recollected in her memoir that she tried to recycle her wardrobe as much as she could, until it backfired on her one day during a Fox News appearance. Ouch!

For eight years, Michelle Obama proved to the world that you can do anything you want in this world, and you can look good while doing it too. Here are some of her most memorable fashion moments during her time in the White House.

What did you enjoy most about Michelle Obama during her time in the White House? Sound off in the comments.

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