10 Stylish Ways To Rock Brixton Hats


If you're even somewhat active on the social scene for fashion, then you've definitely seen Brixton hats before.

Coined the "it girl" accessory and staple for many celebrities, the hat really became a popular wardrobe addition to savvy fashionistas last year. And now, it's back and in full swing.

The type of hat is also known as a "baker boy cap" or "newsboy cap" because of its structure. Just like it has a ton of names, it has a ton of uses and ways it can be worn. Of course, it can be hard to figure out how to tackle a trend, even when it's a hat (or if you have a big head).

Here are how a few influencers and style aficionados are sporting the trend:

1. With bodacious pumps and a color-coordinating plaid skirt.

2. As a matching accessory to a New York-esque all black look.

3. With a rustic cardigan and some color-matching cheetah heels.

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4. Over a military blazer and pleated metallic skirt.

5. With a nude lip and fire red nails.

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6. With the rocker vibes of a motorcycle jacket, white tee, and ripped jeans.

7. Or a day out on the town with sky-high heels.

8. With other trendy pieces like a military jacket.

9. Paired with a neutral palette to give London vibes everyday of the week.

10. Glammed up with a statement-making fur.

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How would you style your Brixton hat?

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